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You can now earn Xbox achievements when playing these 6 video games on Android and iPhone

You can now earn Xbox achievements when playing these 6 video games on Android and iPhone

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  • The Xbox Achievement system since its launch in 2005 has revolutionized the way players play.
  • The feature has inspired several gaming platforms to step up their game.
  • Now these six video games will help you earn Xbox achievements.

Xbox Achievement has revolutionized how gamers have fun on different platforms, and now you can enjoy even more.

The feature has been one of the most successful released by Microsoft since its inception and continues to inspire multiple gaming platforms.

Now, to help you increase your score and unlock another Xbox achievement, you can play more Xbox games on Android and iPhone.

The Xbox Achievement range has changed over the last five years, and these games will help you increase your score.

Microsoft Sudoku

Microsoft Sudoku is similar to Microsoft Mahjong. The puzzle basically requires you to put numbers and complete the puzzle. You need logic to get through.

There are daily challenges and online multiplayer options to make the game more interesting. You will earn as many as 45 achievements with this game.

Forza gate

Forza Street offers a free and informal driving experience that gives you the chance to step on the gas or turbo.

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It’s not the type of game that will give you a racing experience, but you can win in as many races as possible.

It’s basically a simpler version that offers fewer features than what Forza Horizon 5 would offer.

Microsoft Mahjong

Everyone loves the classic matching game, and Microsoft Mahjong offers just that. With over hundreds of puzzles to solve and new chipsets to match, you will definitely have a lot on your plate.

You can adjust the difficulty levels and even go back to fix any errors. This game offers 40 achievements.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

The Microsoft Solitaire game is available on both Android and iOS and boasts the best solitaire card game experience available out there.

It’s free to play, but if you’re the type who is annoyed by ads and want a little more features, you can choose to buy it for $ 9.99 a year or $ 1.99 a month.

Mastering this game guarantees you up to 76 achievements on Xbox Achievements.


If you are the type who likes to stay engaged while on the go, this game is for you. Minecraft has up to eight players on all devices.

Achievements were only activated on Xbox Live Achievements three years ago, and on top of that you get 114 achievements when you play.

Microsoft Wordament

If you are an Ordnazist, this is the game for you. The Microsoft Wordament Search Game can help you earn 38 achievements. It is an informal and fun on-the-go game that can be played by anyone.

What games do you think Microsoft should add to Xbox Achievement on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments section below.

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