What’s new in the Warhammer 40K Darktide Patch Note?

What’s new in the Warhammer 40K Darktide Patch Note?

Darktide Patch Note: The patch notes for The Signal, update 1.0.20 for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, have just been released. Since launching in late November, this is Darktide’s first significant update. Some changes and additions have been made to the game, and these are described in these patch notes, along with any relevant bug fixes. So, without further ado, let’s check out what’s new in Warhammer 40K Darktide The Signal Update 1.0.20.

Darktide Patch Notes
Darktide Patch Notes

What’s new in Warhammer 40K Darktide Patch Notes 1.0.20? – 15 December 2022

Content drop: The signal

This drop introduces a new map, two new weapons – one for Zealot, one for Ogryn, the new Refine option in the crafting menu, the inclusion of private games, and the addition of a new state!

  • In Comms-Plex 154/2f, it’s up to you and your strike team to gain access to the Comms-plex. Climb onto the roof of the HL-19-24 Archivum and send a message to your allies in the Imperium.
  • To support the launch of Comms Plex, we will be activating several conditions under this mission over the next few days.
  • Two new weapons:
    • Indignatus Mk IVe Crusher, a two-handed Power Maul for Zealots
    • Achlys Mk I Power Maul, a one handed Power Maul for Ogryns.
  • Private Play is now available when starting a mission from the mission board for Strike Teams with 2 to 4 players.
  • Refine is now available in the Shrine of the Omnissiah.
    • You can now choose to limit a single benefit, which will unlock other benefits.
    • Perks in the item card view will show their level through the number ♦ next to the perk, from 1 to 4.
    • Each boundary action performed on the perk will see a resource cost reduction.
  • A new condition:
    • Hunting grounds: Refusal will have to prevent an increased number of pox dogs.


  • The chat window is now available on all loading screens and during the cutscene after a mission. You will also have access to a Strike Team chat channel in Mourningstar if you invite someone to Strike Team while in Mourningstar.
  • The option to merge Strike Teams during the end screen has been temporarily removed while we improve this functionality.
  • Added 2400 Aquilas pack so cosmetic bundles can be purchased at face value.
Contracts and penalty
  • Isolated and fixed a rare issue that could cause contract progression during a mission to be lost when the mission is completed at the end of the round.
  • An issue was discovered in the “Pick N’ Mix” bot where in some cases it could not be assigned as expected.

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Performance and stability
  • Fixed several cases that would generate GPU crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where clients would get inappropriate player loads from the server, which could cause a bunch of different crashes.
  • Fixed a bug with fired projectiles VFX that crashed the game when the player exits the game.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a client crash when using weapons under the influence of different attack speeds or reload speed buffers.
  • Fixed various and many unspecified crashes.
  • New localizations have been added for several UI texts.
  • Fixed a bug where Zealot Preacher’s ability ‘Chastise the Wicked’ could be interrupted if used while being pressured by enemy attacks.
  • Fixed issue where Psykinetics’ “Inner Tranquility” talent caused lower punch rates.
  • Fixed a bug where getting hit while dragging disabled coherence’s toughness regen for 100 seconds or until hit again.
  • Improved precision smart targeting.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not perform heavy attacks while with the Obscurus Mk II Blaze Force Sword while sprinting. Made sure all attacks and starting actions can be used with sprint.
  • Fixed issue where Zealot Preacher would run through enemies if they were too close
  • Fixed issue where some pickups could not be interacted with due to collision inside.
  • Fixed a bug in Psykhanium where equipping weapons once would disable weapon perks and boons.
  • Ogryn ranged weapons with melee special attacks should now switch crosshairs when using their special attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where players would stay in ADS while using the bayonet with Lucius pattern Lasguns.
  • Fixed a bug where players would stay in ADS while using special attacks with the Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol and Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver.
  • Fixed a bug where Psyker could not use the Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol weapon special while switching weapons.
  • It should now be possible to cancel a reload using the weapon special on the Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver.
  • Autoguns should now more reliably cancel other actions when performing a weapon special attack.
  • Fixed a bug where the Weapon Stagger in the Control/Collateral stat was not working as intended on weapons like the Rippergun.
  • Fixed a bug where players could use the special attack while playing with the Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol and Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver.
  • Fixed a bug where Flamer and Purgatus Staff secondary attacks would not damage enemies if the attack was too short.
  • Fixed a bug where special attack damage follow-up on the Catachan Mk3 Combat Blade did not scale with damage stat.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ripper Gun’s reload could be interrupted allowing you to fire it without a magazine.
  • Fixed a bug where overheating would only go away when using a weapon.
  • Tweaked Locke Mk IIb Spearhead Boltgun:
    • Added gear variations and reworked original gear to make the gear animations less repetitive and frustrating,
    • Fixed issues with snapping after not aiming while shooting
    • Fixed exploit where switching weapons at the right time would result in a much faster reload
  • Tweaked Munitorum Mk III Power Sword:
    • Downgraded split on powered attacks (from infinite to simply very large split – 8.5 to 12.5 split range, so around 10 enemies)
    • Added damage drop for targets beyond the third on heavy activated swipes. scales from 130-260 for goals 1, 2 and 3 down to 50-100 for goals 8+
  • Tweaked Lucius Pattern Lasguns:
    • Adjusted charging VFX to unblock the image.
    • Pushed the ADS FOV to 65 to clean up the vision a bit.
    • Increased time to forced fire across all brands (from 1 to 2.5 extra seconds after full charge).
    • Reduced ammo consumption on fully loaded shots:
      • Mk I: from 9 to 6
      • Mk II: from 6 to 4
      • Mk III: from 12 to 9
    • Reduced charging time ranges to fully charged:
      • Mk I: 1.0-0.5 down to 0.8-0.4
      • Mk II: 0.75-0.35 down to 0.65-0.25
      • Mk III: 1.25-0.65 down to 1.0-0.5
    • Reduced chain time for Mk III bayonet slash, from 0.5 to 0.3 (as a normal melee).
    • Increased damage vs. armor and resistance at low charge close/far: from 40%/50% to 50%/60%.
    • Increased minimum charge scale for Mk II charged shots from 30% power to 40% power.
    • Reduced suppressive sway.
    • Reduced baseline sway.
  • Tweaked M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun:
    • Increased clip size range to 75-150 from 60-100. still one clip in reserve, with matching adjustment.
    • Improved ventilation duration, both active ventilation is now 3s, down from 4s and passive ventilation is now 15s, down from 20s.
    • Adjusted airspeed curves above thresholds and lowered the high threshold to 60%, down from 70%.
    • Vent time scales are now: low: 80% – high: 50% – critical: 25% (was 50% – 100% – 25%).
    • Re-tuned valve damage on a player – it should be in the same ballpark, but scale more aggressively, so lower overcharge does less damage.
    • Allow powerful shots to continue after shooting through the geometry. Entry and Exit both create explosions.
  • Tweaked Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver:
    • Increased ammunition reserve from 25-40 to 35-70.
    • Increased range from 23 to 35.
    • Increased the upper part of the base damage range to 200-400, was 200-350.
    • Increased hit scan range to fix issues where no hits would be detected at very long distances.
  • Tweaked Vraks Mk III & VII and Agripinaa Mk VIII Headhunter Autoguns:
    • Reduced recoil vertical rise on all “Headhunter” autoguns.
    • Increased damage:
      • Wreckage Mk III: 70-140 to 80-160.
      • Wreckage Mk VII: 80-160 to 100-200.
      • Agripinaa Mk VIII: 75-150 to 90-180.
  • Tweaked Turtolsky Mk VI, Mk VII and Mk IX Heavy Swords:
    • Increased baseline damage armor mod vs. Flak Armor (from 30% to 50%) and Infested (from 75% to 100%) on light attacks.
    • Increased baseline battle armor mod vs. Flak Armor (from 50% to 75%), Maniacs (from 50% to 75%) and Carapace Armor (from 50% to 75%) on light attacks.
    • Increased horizontal light attack damage from 25-50 to 35-70, adjusted target tracking to match.
    • Increased diagonal light attack damage from 35-70 to 40-80, adjusted target follow to match.
  • Crucis Mk II Thunder Hammer:
    • Increased light attack baseline armor mod vs Flak Armor (from 75% to 90%) and Carapace Armor (from 1% to 25%).
    • Increased heavy attack baseline armor mod vs Flak Armor (from 75% to 90%) and Carapace Armor (from 20% to 25%).
  • Fixed a bug where Thunderhammer was missing Weapon Special Activate chain from block.
  • Fixed a bug where Lucius Pattern lasguns were ignoring shot input after being stunned in ADS.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t trigger weapon specials from the push action. Corrected for all heavy swords and tactical axes.
  • Fixed a bug where the animation would snap when not aiming straight after shooting Lasguns and Shotguns.
  • Fixed a bug with the Krourk Mk V Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber where primary fire did not buffer properly from firing, leaving braced and sliding, etc.

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