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The Cincinnati Reds and The Raging Bulls

The Cincinnati Reds and The Raging Bulls

I have to admit, Cincinnati Reds General Manager Nick Krall blew me away the other day when he traded Luis Castillo to the Seattle Mariners.

Not that I was shocked Castillo was dealt. We all expected it. But Krall (aka ‘Bull in a China Shop’ per Phil Castellini) somehow got a decent amount of young prospects from the Mariners, who appear to be serious about contending in the American League.

I confess that I know little or nothing about these prospects. Most of us had never heard of them before. I certainly hadn’t. But The Bull is said to have held his ground and rejected lesser offers. However, I’m not going to concede that Krall has risen to genius after most of us dismissed him as incompetent just months earlier.

I give his trade a “B”. It can happen. It can blow up. Nobody knows. I still remember the three left-handers we got for Johnny Cueto, as painful as it is.

And now that the Reds have climbed out of the basement of the National League Central, their next goal is to prove they’re not the worst Reds team in our lifetime, something that belongs to the 1982 team that finished with a glorious 60.102 record. The amazing thing about it is in 1981, the Reds had the best record in baseball.

I’m about 80% done with an article comparing the 1982 Reds to this current Reds bunch on a position-by-position basis to include managers and general managers. Of course I’m using statistics (only based on the two separate seasons), but the problem I have is my own bias.

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For example, the left fielders. Eddie Milner played there in 1982 and Tommy Pham does for these Reds. I met Milner before he died of cancer and liked him. We talked for a long time at Redsfest. He admitted to me how bad that ’82 team was. Eddie was a good baseball player, but not a great one. Not even close.

But I don’t care about Tommy Pham. I have never done that. The incident before a Reds game when he had a fight with another player on an opposing team about fantasy football is all I need to know about him. You’re on a final team and getting paid millions of dollars and that’s what you focus on before a game?

Cut him, trade him, do whatever, but get this guy out of Cincinnati. We lose Nick Castellanos and get Tommy Pham. It is a culture change in the wrong way. I would go to war with Castellanos.

Sorry to go off track. Back to the Ox.

No Reds GM has been perfect. Even Bob Howsam made some bad trades. He should never have traded Ross Grimsley. Trading Tony Perez and Will McEnaney for Woody Fryman and Dale Murray was a disaster. They have all made mistakes, bad deals and horrible signings. Remember Eric Milton?

Nick Krall has done the same. Maybe ownership mandated him to do some things he didn’t want to do to “adjust the payroll”. Maybe he’s a loyal soldier who wants to go down with the ship. I don’t have a lot of faith in him, but at least the Castillo trade made sense in this economic era of baseball.

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Phil Castellini? I will never forgive what he said about me and thousands of other Reds fans. Never ever. His “apology” was simply milquetoast. It sounded like someone wrote it for him. I thought it was disingenuous, at best.

Like it or not, we are at the mercy of The Bull. I don’t remember who commented The nation but it was “Bull on the Loose.”

It is perfect. He beat me to it.

Just please, no more three left-handers.

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