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Roblox repealed – The New Indian Express

Roblox repealed – The New Indian Express

Express News Service

CHENNAI: Playing Roblox made me feel as out of place as a giant putting together small Lego bricks. Disturbing. It’s been a while since I met an online gaming platform where strangers were generally nice to each other on the text chat. But there it was. Roblox is not just an online gaming platform that contains a catalog of millions of games, and millions of daily users.

It also encourages users to develop game content and contribute to the platform. It also established a system to monetize the developer’s content through the currency – robux. It is also a universe unto itself where every version of reality and every game that has ever existed will find its contemporaries in Roblox. It can also be played on your phone or PC, and several other consoles. It’s also free, for the most part. That too … you see it now. There is a lot to uncover.

All games in Roblox are developed with “Roblox Studio”. This means that the available games have the same basic 3D effects in varying degrees of complexity. Considering that the games can be played across platforms, the controls are largely limited to basic movements, jumps and clicks. Despite the obvious shortcomings associated with “basic” games, the game ideas generated by users are completely out of “blox”.

The most popular games in Roblox promote collaborative competition. It gives me hope for the future, since it seems that this platform is used mostly by young children. Nothing motivates me like when ‘xgamergirlst11234’ enters a “you can do it!” in the chat box, especially when they have nothing to gain from it.

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People who have played the games several times and have been through the entire gate are actively trying to help you with the format both over chat and during play. There are several collaborative story-based games, and although I have slipped up several times, I have heard nothing but a friendly word from the kids on the Internet. It makes the often frustrating graphics and difficult movements worth it. I almost do not want to tell more about it; What if the kindness of the community is accidentally diluted?

If you are looking for history, action and good graphics – this is not the platform for you. If you are looking for valuable entertainment and a laugh with friends (for free), Roblox is waiting. Roblox is like a cream bun, unusually small cream, but the taste lingers.

Anusha Ganapathi

(This economics graduate spends his free time preparing for the zombie apocalypse)

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