Project Winter “Up to Snow Good” update out now, patch notes

Project Winter “Up to Snow Good” update out now, patch notes

Project Winter Up to Snow Good update

Project Winter has received its latest update called “Up to Snow Good”.

The patch focuses on some household items, including balance changes to the immune and tracking roles, tweaks to various thief tables, and new cosmetics. Also note that there is a festive feel to the holiday event, which is live now through January 3rd.

The full patch notes for the Project Winter “Up to Snow Good” update are as follows:

Immune rework

  • Immune’s ability is now an “active” ability.
  • This ability does not begin charging.
  • The option charges faster on its own.
  • The ability charges faster during a global event.
  • Using the ability makes the player immune to the current global event.
  • Ability can only be used during a global event or its “warm-up” period.
  • Using the ability will silence the Immune player for the duration of the global event.
  • Using the ability will hide player names for the duration of the global event.

Tracker Rework

  • Tracker can reach up to two players or objects
  • Tracker can see snow trails longer than others
  • Tracker tags placed on objects will be transmitted to a player who interacts with that object.
  • Tracker can mark downed players.
  • Tracking tags are disabled after a Solar Flare until the Tracker returns to the cabin.
  • Added “Ukrainian” language option.
  • New Holliday Progression Tree

Changes in cabin bunks

  • Crossbows, weapon parts and stimulants are less common

Changes in cabin trespassers’ boxes

  • Gun parts can no longer be found in Traitor Crates near the cabin
  • Common Crossbows now cost 1 Traitor Credit and can be found in Traitor Crates more often.

Changes to traitor crates that are not cabins

  • Energy drinks are no longer a guaranteed spawn in distant Traitor crates
  • New spawn rates are: 25% vodka, 45% level 1 drink, 30% level 2 drink

Traitor crates (all crates) changes

  • Poisoned crossbows are limited to 1 crossbow per crate

Allow traitors to sabotage the Cabin Radio at any point in the battle

  • Currently, it can only be sabotaged after the second objective is resolved, which often doesn’t allow enough time for traitors to make a move.

Items with treasonous ability

  • Traitor traits will no longer be prevented during minor events
  • Escape Pod
  • Global exile
  • Jam radios
  • Airdrop event

Deep Woods Balance Changes

  • Destructible ice wall added in front of cave
  • Removed a couple of traitor hatches that provide quick access to the cave.

Changes to weapon balance

  • Sniper now has 8 rounds and does 400 damage
  • Shotgun now has 8 rounds and does 375 damage
  • Poison Crossbow now costs 1 crossbow and 2 poison to craft

Armory Balance Changes

  • Fully crafted weapons have a lower chance of spawning in the Armory
  • Gunparts have an increased chance to spawn in the Armory

Easter eggs

  • A mysterious item was added to the crates of Lab, Distant Bunkers and Deep Woods Cave.
  • Ranged weapons found in bunker crates will spawn with the cosmetic skin belonging to the player who opened the crate.
  • Disabled self throw option for the ice bomb
  • Remote Sabotage now costs 16 Traitor Credits
  • Disguise Kit now mimics progress on the “Traitor Information” wheel and reveals information for disguised survivors.
  • Multiple players activating the beacon on the arsenal at the same time can trigger subsequent alerts
  • “Radio Receive Volume” is reset after relaunch
  • The “Survive without placing any traps” challenge does not fail if an ice bomb is used to capture a target
  • The player’s body disappears if they die before leaving on the gondola
  • Destroying the ice wall in deep forests causes rocks to float in the air
  • Animals cannot enter the cave after the ice wall is destroyed
  • Poison pots do not count towards any progressions on challenges/progressions
  • Player statistics in the lobby show incorrect leave and praise amounts
  • Pulled out Christmas tree lights from the attic, found some cool snowman hats
  • Fixed visibility of nameplates for external players resurrected during mass hysteria.
  • Fixed issue where the voice chat icon would appear over a cloned player’s corpse instead of their resurrected original body
  • Traitors now receive a buff when using the Delayed Sabotage ability on targets
  • Gave traitor crates their best holiday attire
  • Fixed inconsistencies when unmuting players after being unblocked
  • Fixed cases where the Traitor Bleeding ability would trigger immediately upon use that cannot be stopped by any players
  • Fixed down players cannot be interacted with when a traitor starts bleeding them
  • Fixed cases where a lobby could show a user as ready without them selecting the ready button
  • Fixed issues where a traitor could trigger events after the Great Blizzard started
  • Fixed the Take a Hike Steam achievement being unobtainable again
  • Traitors will now get a buff when sabotaging the target with a delay
  • Players now have name tags after Mass Hysteria ends if they had been resurrected during the event
  • Removed Survivors getting stat boosts when capturing objectives in game
  • Fixed “Increase” typo in item description for ice bombs
  • Fixed wide silver glasses so they don’t stick out awkwardly from the face when worn or displayed in the progression menu
  • Updated Dab animation for Caribou to be more realistic
  • Removed the ability to deselect all possible primary targets in Blackout custom presets
  • Fixed cases where there is a lag and occasional crash when selecting Randomize Outfit in the Character menu
  • Fixed cases where the detective music would not stop playing when a body is resurrected by a necromancer
  • Fixed an issue where players cannot be revived after a delay if they have been bled to death and then resurrected by a Necromancer previously
  • Fixed issues where an item would break and become useless when resurrected by necromancers while inventory is full
  • Fixed cases where the traitor info wheel and health bar are not displayed for players other than converted to traitors
  • Fixed bug where the cipher station would sometimes appear when the player selected the dig site in custom mode
  • Adjusted the role change animation/SFX so that it no longer plays repeatedly after reviving someone who was disguised and had their role revealed to the Necromancer
  • Fixed many localization issues
  • [Switch] Fixed the game crashing when the opponent was killed by the Necromancer player

All players on Switch can download the new Project Winter “Up to Snow Good” update now.

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