Nature and Nurture – Disney Dreamlight Valley Wiki Guide

Nature and Nurture – Disney Dreamlight Valley Wiki Guide

Nature and nurture is an introductory Disney Dreamlight Valley mission after Scar, where the Lion King villain asks for your help in restoring the sunlit plateau. This begins with exploring Vitaly mines to find out what is blocking the river.

After unlocking the Sunlit Plateau, talk to Scar in the giant mammoth home in the region’s northern area. Your next task is to help Scar restore the sunlit plateau, which is going to take a few steps, starting with clearing giant nightthorns.


Giant Nightthorns and Root Beer

Head to the Vitalys Mines, which can be found east of the river, just north of Longbein’s stand and the wooden bridge.

Once inside, go left and follow the path forward until you come to a right turn. Follow the railroad tracks on the ground until you reach an open area in the cave with several minecarts and a wooden table.

Go up the elevated rocky path, where you’ll find a red barrel, a wooden crate with a lantern on it, and a wooden sign. Interact with the sign for direct disposal instructions Giant nightthorns block the river. Go back down the path and go deeper into the cave, where you’ll find one breast which contains crackling candies, ginger root and the recipe for Root Beer. It’s time to head back to Merlin and report your findings.

Once you’ve made a Root Beer, go back to the Vitalys Mines and put in the Root Beer and Crackling Candies red barrel. After the giant nightthorns are cleared, you can head back to the sunlit plateau, where you will see a cutscene.

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Enter the portal and follow the path, breaking some rocks along the way. Pick up the mysterious item dropped by the Forgotten. You can now go through the portal and return to Merlin.


Miracle Growth Elixir

Give him the mysterious item, The Lifeless Orb of Nurturing. He will instruct you to collect the following items to craft Miracle Growth Elixir:

  • 10 Vitalys crystals
  • 10 Rich soil
  • 1000 Dreamlights

The 10 Vitalys crystals can be found in Vitaly mines. Go back there and use your pickaxe on the glowing minefields. There are a total of 11 mining slots in the cave, so you should be able to get the required amount of crystals in one go. Be sure to bring some meals so you can replenish your energy without having to go home.

You can find rich soil by harvesting crops anywhere around the valley. There is only a small chance of Rich Soil dropping when you harvest a crop, so you want to plant as many crops as possible. We recommend using Wheat, as it has the shortest growing time (one minute) of any crop. You can buy wheat seeds from Langbein’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow. Keep planting and harvesting crops until you have 10 rich soil.

Finally, you need 1000 Dreamlight, which can be obtained by completing Dreamlight Duties around the valley. Check the Dreamlight section of the menu to see available tasks for you to complete.


After you have collected all the requested items, you can craft the Miracle Growth Elixer at any Crafting Station. Then use the Miracle Growth Elixer in your inventory to upgrade the watering can. Then you have to talk to Merlin one last time.

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After the conversation with Merlin, head to the pillar on the sunny plateau. Use the shovel to dig a hole in front of the pillar, and bury the bullet in that hole. Water the seedling to complete the final mission objective.

You have to water the seedling repeatedly, tending it for potentially days while you wait for it to grow. We suggest that you check the Orb every now and then to see if it needs water until it is fully grown.

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