Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Standing Stones Puzzle Guide

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Standing Stones Puzzle Guide

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is home to exciting battles and difficult puzzles, one of which is the puzzle of the Standing Stones. Here’s how to solve it.

One of the best things about video games is that even after the main story is completed, there are often chances to go back and complete side missions that allow players to discover even more of the game. Most third-person adventure titles and the subgenre of superhero games are known for this. Good examples of this are Marvel’s Spider-Man and Arkham series, with side quests that are just as entertaining as the main story. Marvel’s Midnight Suns has taken this concept to a whole new level.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns was developed by Firaxis Games and adopted its classic strategy template from other titles made by the company, such as XCOM. What resulted is a Marvel game that saw popular characters using abilities that showcase the best of their powers in a unique but stylized combat system. In the player’s downtime, they can explore the Abbey, the hub world where players can uncover mysterious mysteries and build friendships with other heroes. In addition, there are also puzzles like the Standing Stones puzzle that require some out-of-the-box thinking and searching to complete.

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What the standing stones are in midnight suns

Midnight Sun's standing stones

The Standing Stones are located at the east end of the monastery and are five stone pillars that have glyphs carved into them. These characters are crucial to solving the puzzle, but are different for each player. Although the location is easy to find on a map, they require a challenge to meet. Players must acquire Powers of Power before they can unlock the answers to the Standing Stones.

How to solve standing stones

Midnight Sun's Standing Stones Glyphs

Solving the standing stones is a matter of hide and seek as players must search the property to find the correct sequences to activate glyphs. Once these sequences are found, players must return to the stones and insert them in the same order to access a corresponding legendary chest. With that in mind, players must search every corner of the Abbey to find the three sequences.

The first is the easiest to find as it is scribbled on the wall of the monastery’s chapel. Once the players get the sequence, they must go back to the stones and use the Reveal. Doing so will allow them to enter the sequence and be awarded a chest. Players can use Arcane Keys to open this and the other two chests once they are uncovered.

The last two glyph sequences are a bit more difficult to reach, requiring the other Powers of Powers to unblock paths. The second sequence can be found in Agatha’s cabin, which is located in the northern part of the monastery. Once that sequence is found, players can insert it into the stones as they did with the first one. This will manifest a second breast.

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The final sequence is in Lilith’s Garden in the northwestern part of the map. The third power word, Purify, will reveal the garden and players can run to the back of the greenhouse and use Break to destroy a wall and access a ladder that takes the player to a lower level. In the small room, the final sequence will be on the wall. Players can then use it with Stones to access the final Legendary Chest.

What players get for solving standing stone puzzles

Midnight Sun's standing stones reward

The three legendary chests contain some fantastic rewards related to many aspects of the game. Some of these rewards include blueprints, color palettes for hero suits, and combat items. Overall, Standing Stones aren’t an inherently difficult puzzle to solve, but they do have a lot of prerequisites and items to complete. Additionally, since all players have different random sequences, there is no easy way to cheat the system and get to the rewards without finding said sequences. The level of discovery required is rewarding in itself and adds another level of detail Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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