How to open the barrier and enter Renna’s rise

How to open the barrier and enter Renna’s rise

Opening the barrier and entering Renna’s Rise in the Elden Ring is not a piece of cake, so here are all the steps to help you with the quest.

Elden Ring is a fantastic adventure with epic quests and mythical landscapes that players will find themselves exploring on their journey to fully complete the game. From battling ruthless enemies to searching for hidden treasure, many of Elden Ring’s missions seem to be both exhausting and challenging. This will also be the case for players who wish to enter the large tower known as Renna’s Rise, that is, if they do not know how to remove the barrier preventing their entry.


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Renna’s Rise is one of those places in Elden Ring that you can reach fairly easily, but that you can’t unlock until you’ve completed several stages, including defeating certain bosses. Also, some of these bosses are extremely difficult and found towards the middle and end of the game, so you’ll only be able to enter Renna’s Rise after several dozen hours spent in the Lands Between. Here’s how to open the barrier to Renna’s Rise in Elden Ring for her quest line.

Updated by Nathan Round on November 3, 2022: We’ve updated much of the content in this guide to improve readability and have provided useful links to relevant articles, all of which will help you unlock Ranni’s questline. We’ve also added helpful images that better explain the location of the Fingerslayer Blade.

Open the barrier for Renna’s rise

First, you need to start by unlocking the related questline. The procedure is as follows:

Once done, unlock the “Offer Your Service” dialogue option with Ranni (located at Ranni’s Rise), and progress through the quest line needed to unlock Renna’s Rise. Next, you need to get the Fingerslayer Blade in Nokron Eternal City. If you don’t have access to Nokron Eternal City yet, after defeating Radahn, go to where the star fell to enter Nokron.

Placement of fingerboard blade

After entering Nokron, defeat the skeletons and Mimic Tear as you proceed, then turn left to walk along the broken bridge. Continue until you can turn left again and take that turn. Reach the singing woman, then turn left again and you’ll find the Ancestral Woods place of grace. After that you have to cross more platforms and defeat more Mimic Tears. Continue until you reach a room with priests. Defeat them or ignore them and run past the room to find more Mimic Tears moving around. Follow them as they lead you to the building with the thimbler blade inside a treasure chest.

Then you need to go back to Ranni and give her the Fingerslayer Blade. Ranni will give you the Carian Inverted Statue in exchange. Now go to the Divine Tower of Liurnia and enter the secret area in the Study Hall using the Carian Inverted Statue. Clear this area and you will receive the Cursed Mark of Death. Now you will be able to enter Renna’s Rise and the barrier will have disappeared.

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