How to block or unblock someone on Facebook?

How to block or unblock someone on Facebook?

If you are on Facebook and are annoyed by someone in your friend list or commenting on your posts, the blocking option may be offered by Meta is a lifesaver exactly for such situations. If you don’t already know about it, let us explain how it works. When you block a personthey can’t see your posts on your profile, tag someone mailcomment or photo, invite you to events or groups, start one conversation with you or even add you as a friend in case you aren’t already. One thing to consider here is that when you block someone, Facebook also unfriends them. So in case you don’t want to friend someone but just want to see less of their posts, Facebook instead now lets you take a break from them. But if you still want to block a person totally, the steps mentioned below with pictorial representation of how to block or unblock someone on Facebook. These steps are valid for both the app version and the browser version of Facebook.

Steps to block someone on Facebook

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Step 1: Open the Facebook application and open the profile of the person you want to block by typing their name in the search field. Click the Profile Settings icon (3 dots) in their profile, as highlighted below.

Step 1: How to block someone on Facebook?

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Step 2: Click on the Block option.

Step 2: How to block someone on Facebook?

Step 3: Select Block and that’s it! The person will be blocked from seeing your posts, tagging you, etc. on your profile.

Step 3: How to block someone on Facebook?

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Steps to unblock someone on Facebook

Step 1: Open Facebook app and click on the hamburger menu at the top right of the interface, as highlighted below. Then click on the Settings icon.

Step 1: How to unblock someone on Facebook?

Step 2: Click on the block option.

Step 2: How to unblock someone on Facebook?

Step 3: Click Unblock against the profile you want to unblock.

Step 3 Unblock on FB

Step 4: Click Unblock again, as highlighted below, and the person will finally be blocked from interacting with you on Facebook.

Step 4 Unblock on FB

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It is therefore very easy to block and unblock someone on Facebook. Moreover, it is an excellent option in terms of the security of your online presence. You can choose to limit a person’s interaction with you via the pause option, or you can choose to block them completely instead and continue with your social life without any tension.

If there is any other way to block or unblock someone on Facebook, let us know in the comment section below.

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