God of War Ragnarok: How to Give Kratos Witch Time | Bayonetta Playstyle Guide

God of War Ragnarok: How to Give Kratos Witch Time |  Bayonetta Playstyle Guide

Play as Bayonetta in God of War with this lost armor set.

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Kratos is royalty when it comes to action adventure game heroes. As one of the most popular of the PS2 era, Kratos ranks high Dante from devil may cry and his latest game even takes some DNA from Leon in Resident Evil 4. A source of inspiration we never expected to see God of War Ragnarok our Bayonetta. If you love Bayonetta playstyle – using perfectly timed dodges to slow down time and unleash a barrage of counterattacks on your unsuspecting enemies – you’ll want to equip this specific set of gear.

Kratos could unlock Witch Time God of War (2018) with the use of talismans. IN God of War Ragnarokyou have to unlock Radiance armor set. Each set of armor you equip increases the effect of “Witch Time” – or the ability to enter a period of slow motion after accurately dodging an enemy’s attack. If you love dodge instead of parrying, you can turn evasion into a deadly weapon with this amazing set of optional equipment. Here’s where to find all three parts of Radiance armor set.

Unlock The Witch Time Playstyle | Perfect Evades & Slow Mo

  • What is witch time?: I Bayonettathe cheeky action series from developer Platinum Games, one of the titular character’s signature skills is Witch time. By dodging an enemy attack just as it is about to land, the player enters a period of slow motion. All enemies move slowly, while your character moves at full speed, giving you a few seconds to combo enemies freely. It is a great system in which you can now borrow God of War Ragnarok.

To unlock “Witch time” and give Kratos the ability to slow down time after perfectly dodging an enemy attack, you must collect Radiance armor set. This set consists of three pieces of armor (chest armor, wrist armor, and waist armor) — by using multiple pieces of the set, you will increase the duration of the slow-mo effect.

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Using even one of these armor pieces will unlock this ability – reaching Kratos avoids an enemy attack with a perfect dodge (right before an enemy attack lands), time will slow down for enemies but remain normal for you. For a second or several seconds you can attack freely.

There are three pieces of Radiation set. Here you will find all three parts. Each part of the armor set is found in a legendary chest, and all the chests are placed in The Barrens region of Alfheim.

How to find full radiance armor set | Location guide

How to reach The Barrens: After return to Mystic Gateway with Tyr in AlfheimYou can continue exploring Alfheim. A new direction will unlock at the end of the track, leading to a large open area where you can complete bonus objectives.

  • Gloves of Radiance Wrist Armor: The Barrens | Alfheim – In the elven temple in the far north of the Barrens. Drive the sleigh to this location, then exit and face a group of dark elves inside the arched building. Clear out the enemies and you can claim the Legenadry chest in the back corner.
  • Belt of Radiance Waist Armor: The Barrens | Alfheim – Climb inside the giant skeleton to find a legendary chest at the end, past the Grim encounter.
  • Shoulder strap of Radiance Chest Armor: The Barrens | Alfheim – Found at the very end of the “Secret of the Sands” quest – when you exit The Below through the cracked floor, you’ll find this chest on the surface.
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To begin”Secret of the Sands” favor, travel to the cave in the center-south of Barrens region. The Barrens are experiencing a powerful sandstorm. Completing this side quest will clear the storm and allow you to fully explore the Barrens with better visibility, and certain areas cleared of sand.

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