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Ghost of Tsushima: How to unlock different attitudes

Ghost of Tsushima: How to unlock different attitudes

Jin wants to break shields, snap spears and kill animals while seamlessly switching between four different positions built for maximum Mongolian chaos.

Ghost of Tsushima has delivered tenfold when it comes to the combat system. The combat flow is smooth and natural. Together with a completely optional stealth mechanic, the Mongol invaders do not have a chance against Lord Sakai. Master Samurai has been training since he was a little boy, and has learned to strike with the blade based on each enemy’s specific weakness.

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Ghost of Tsushima has four attitudes that Jin can use to destroy the Mongol invaders. The positions Jin can easily switch between are tailored to specific enemy types. The final attitude will be available to players after completing ‘The Ghost of Yarikawa’ main mission in ACT II. Players will start the game with Stone Stance and must unlock the others themselves. This guide will guide players through how to unlock each of Jin’s attitudes and how to use them effectively.


How to unlock different attitudes in Ghost of Tsushima.

Jin’s attitudes are unlocked in the same way. Players are required to either observe or kill Mongolian leaders as they raid fortresses and camps around Tsushima. Players will meet some leaders through side stories and main stories. These leaders will also make progress towards unlocking positions. Jin can also encounter leaders … well … who lead a group of Mongols down one of Tsushima’s gravel roads. Although these leaders cannot be observed, they can be killed for progress.

Both observing AND killing leaders will sometimes allow players to take two rankings in position progression. As Jin sneaks around the camp, he can see the Mongolian leader practicing his techniques. Move in for a closer look. Players will be asked to observe the leader, but should make sure they are out of sight. A successful observation will be obvious to the player, and they can now rush into a ruin to the leader.

As mentioned before, players will start the game with Stone Stance which is useful against sword-wielding Mongols and rival samurai. In most cases, players will use Stone Stance in boss fights (ie Lady Masako & Ryuzo). Stone Stance’s most powerful feature is the triangle-triangle stick that can be used after investing some technique points in the skill tree. This will do serious damage to displaced enemies and is also useful for suspending attacks that can otherwise be canceled in boss fights. Specifically, when a boss is about to unleash the “Draw Sword” attack (similar to standoffs), Jin can stab them and interrupt the attack before it even happens.

Unlock and use the water level in Ghost of Tsushima

The Water Stance are the first new stance players to unlock Ghost of Tsushima, and will only require a few dead Mongol leaders to do so. Now players have become incredibly annoyed at having to break Mongolian shields just by mashing Triangle in Stone Stance. Fortunately, water is incredibly effective against shield-blocking Mongols (yes, even Brutes). The Shield Breaker attack (Triangle 3 times) actually requires a bit of a delay. Players should hit Triangle, Triangle (small delay) Triangle to get all three attacks off. Once the guard is broken, players can moan away with Square, OR use the flurry strike technique to unleash rabid Triangle attacks. This also makes the Mongols incredibly vulnerable to movements such as Heavenly Strike or Dance of Wrath.

Unlock and use Wind Stance in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Wind Stance

As players have probably learned by now, spear-swinging Mongols inflict an unforgivable amount of damage. Wind Stance is without a doubt the most important attitude to unlock, as it is effective against spears, but can also kick intrusive Mongols away. Players should note that getting perfect pairings on specific enemies will require Jin to be in the right position. When players see the blue highlight of a Mongolian weapon, they have a fraction of a second to recognize the enemy type, change attitudes and parry. Wind position is the next position Jin will unlock and will require a handful of Mongolian leaders either observed or killed. Wind Stance allows players to unleash a “Typhoon Kick” by holding the Triangle that sends the Mongols to fly as field targets. It’s a great way to put some distance between Jin and his enemies if he needs to heal or start running. One can also kick a Mongol from a cliff for a single kill.

Unlock and use Moon Stance in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Moon Stance

Moon position is going to take a while, but everything is achievable with patience and a few hours of playing. Brutes are incredibly annoying, and their many different variations make them difficult to predict in the middle of a heated match. However, Brutes does not like to be kicked in the face. Moon position will see Jin unleash a series of whirlwind kicks high against Bruten’s head before finally hitting his sword. Players can imagine that the kicks are meant to disorient the big boys and make them vulnerable to follow up attacks. Holding the Triangle will unleash a spinning sword attack that will damage everything within 360 degrees from Jin (Flashbacks to spamming Links ‘Up B’ in Super Smash Bros).

Unlock and use Ghost Stance in Ghost of Tsushima

The only attitude Jin can not freely switch to is Ghost Stance. Unlocked after defeating the Mongol general in the “Ghost of Yarikawa” story, the player’s screens will be deep black and white, lightning will strike from the sky and Jin will begin to look red. Ghost Stance allows Jin to kill with one blow and mutilate any Mongol who is on the road. This will also scare all surrounding Mongols and make them easy targets. To enter the Ghost Stance, Jin must kill seven Mongols (dogs included) without taking damage. Once the meter is charged, players will press R3 and L3 together to send Jin into Ghost Stance which will last for a brief moment. Players may want to plan out whether they plan to achieve Ghost Stance and send out some archers or Mongolian dogs that could destroy their killstreak. Playing sneaky is a great way to build the meter before charging and raining hell down on a Mongolian camp. Be warned though! If players are injured, even when the meter is full, they will lose Ghost Stance and have to restart.

Ghost of Tsushima has moved mountains since its release, and the game is technically still in its infancy. Armed with a fantastic battle engine, Ghost of Tsushima should continue to top the charts as one of 2020’s best video games.

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Ghost of Tsushima is available on PlayStation 4.

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