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Faceit now lets you block people from your CSGO battles

Faceit now lets you block people from your CSGO battles

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players can now take control of their ranked gaming experience with this new Faceit matchmaking blocking feature.

CSGO is a mentally stressful game to play due to widespread cheating. Faceit is making an active effort to solve the cheating problem, but toxicity is still a problem. Players have long complained about non-serious trolls throwing games and creating an unhealthy environment in the gaming lobby. Faceit has now introduced a new feature that eliminates this root problem.

The third-party gaming platform has announced a blocking feature that allows players to control their gaming environment.

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How does the matchmaking blocking feature in CSGO work?

The Matchmaking blocking feature gives premium and gaming subscribers the ability to block players they do not want to be matched in any FACEIT Matchmaking queue.

According to Faceit, a permanent blocking feature has been the community’s biggest request. Simply curbing a toxic teammate is not enough. Players want the certainty that they do not have to stand in line with the same trolls again. A block list will permanently exclude someone from your future games. This feature will allow players to have cleaner games as they continue to eliminate bad actors from their queues.

Most shooters have a ban on voice chat, which temporarily resolves toxicity. However, winning a shooter without communication is a task in itself. Also, there is no guarantee that you will not be queuing up with the same player again. This uncertainty pushes the fun out of CSGO.

So far, this matchmaking block is only available to premium and gaming subscribers. Premium players can block up to five players simultaneously, while game subscribers can block up to three. This restriction ensures that the feature is not exploited by malicious players. It is worth noting that this block list is not immutable. Players can go back and remove names at any time by going to the list in the settings section.

This is a much needed addition that has rarely been implemented in other games. The gaming experience on Faceit is already better than regular CSGO matchmaking. This new feature can significantly increase game quality.

CSGO players now hope that a similar alternative will become standard. Cheaters are already ruining the fun, and toxic players are only making it worse. A block list feature will undoubtedly help the current state of CSGO matchmaking.

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