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Everything to know about the Locket Widget option

Everything to know about the Locket Widget option

Like Locket Widget? Wish it had more features to play with? A new app called ‘LiveIn’ thinks it can deliver just that. This is how it works.

A few months after Locket Widget took the app world by storm, an alternative called ‘Living in‘now trying to do the same. In January 2022, Twitter and TikTok were flooded with people fantasizing about the new Locket Widget app. And it was easy to see why! With the Locket Widget, you can place a widget on your iPhone, connect your account to friends, and send photos directly to those friends’ home screens. It’s a more intimate way to share photos than Instagram or Snapchat, and this quickly made Locket Widget the most popular free app on the App Store.

Not long after Locket Widget came out, a flood of competing apps tried to emulate Locket’s formula. Some of them – like NoteIt and Ekko – turned out to be quite good. But for every decent Locket Widget option that appeared, there were five Locket Widget ripoffs that barely worked.


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Now that Locket Widget craze has subsided, LiveIn has exploded as the latest viral application. LiveIn was launched in February 2022, and in April it became the # 1 social networking app and # 1 free app on the App Store. Getting started with LiveIn is easy enough. After downloading the app, users can register using their phone number or username and password. LiveIn then asks for permissions to access your contacts, phone camera and notifications. From there, using LiveIn is a lot like Locket Widget. Opening the app allows you to take a picture and send it to friends. If someone else sends you a picture, it will appear on the LiveIn widget you have placed on the home screen. The interesting thing about LiveIn is how it expands this Locket Widget formula and tries to make it better.

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Why LiveIn is better than Locket Widget

The LiveIn app

In addition to sending photos, LiveIn also allows users to send hand-drawn notes and doodles. Just tap the pencil icon on LiveIn’s camera page to access the feature. This gives you a blank canvas where you can draw, place text and change the background to a handful of different colors. It’s quite similar to the write / draw features of NoteIt, except that LiveIn combines them with the image sharing page of the Locket Widget.

LiveIn is also unique in that you are not limited to sharing photos and drawings with friends. LiveIn also has a public ‘World’ tab where you can upload snapshots so all LiveIn users can see them. After taking a picture or making a drawing, press the button under ‘Send to’ at the top of the screen. This allows you to choose to send the photo to your friends, followers, just yourself or to the world. To see what other LiveIn users have shared, tap the clock icon at the bottom of the screen and then tap the ‘World’ button. This allows you to browse other people’s posts, like / comment on them and follow everyone who interests you. It is a lot more expansive than being limited to 10 friends like you are on the Locket Widget, and that alone can make LiveIn a more appealing app.

If you want to try LiveIn yourself, the app is available as a 100 percent free download for Android and iOS. Open the Play Store or App Store on your device, download LiveIn, create an account, and that’s it. Whether Living in has the same endurance as the Locket Widget remains to be seen, but at least right now it does not seem to be going anywhere.

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