DFINITY Foundation and United Esports launch the first of its kind Blockchain Gaming Program – Achievement Unblocked

DFINITY Foundation and United Esports launch the first of its kind Blockchain Gaming Program – Achievement Unblocked

ZURICH & LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DFINITY Foundation, the developers of Internet Computer, and United Esports, a leading esports media and marketing organization, have announced Achievement cancelledan exciting new competition series that follows the next generation of game developers as they build games on the blockchain.

Achievement Unblocked is designed to take a group of ambitious and forward-thinking game developers who want to transition from traditional development platforms to building on blockchain, with GameFi and Play-to-Earn mechanics that bring players closer to games and their developers.

It will follow these game developers via a real-time video series as they compete and try to launch their dream game on the advanced blockchain that is the Internet computer. It will set the stage for the next evolution of gaming. All participants will become part of a very elite group of games that are 100% built and run on the blockchain, highlighting the opportunity for thousands of other game developers to unlock new, better platforms.

Dominic Williams, founder and chief scientist of the DFINITY Foundation, says “My background is in gaming and my passion is blockchain. This partnership with United Esports brings the two parts of my life together. I am very excited to see what the developers of the Achievement Unblocked program build on the Internet computer. Blockchain and gaming is going through a very exciting time at the moment. United Esports’ gaming expertise matched with Internet computing performance means we will see some of the best games ever built on blockchain.”

Achievement Unblocked will provide scholarships, mentorship, technical support and seminars throughout. At the end of the program, the top developers will be eligible to earn the most funding to support their efforts in addition to a cash reward for making it to the top. They will also be able to take advantage of other unique opportunities for future investments.

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Felix LaHaye, founder of United Esports says “Our partnership with the DFINITY Foundation is truly groundbreaking, which makes me excited to share what Achievement Unblocked has to offer with the world. This project is quite unique, in that for the first time we are opening the development doors, in near real time, to show the world what it really takes to make a dream come true. The gaming space is inherently evolving all the time, and development on the Internet computer is an obvious next step to this development. We look forward to helping the next generation of developers push through traditional barriers and launch their games victoriously on Achievement Unblocked.”

DFINITY and United Esports are giving 100 aspiring game developers a chance of a lifetime to make their dreams come true. Any aspiring game developer can pre-register today at dfinity.org/achievementunblocked.

There are already several games running on the Internet computer: Rise of the Magni, HexGL, Welcome Into the Metaverse, Saga Tarot and Reversi. The 5 games are currently live and/or in development on the Internet computer, created by the DFINITY Foundation. These games run entirely on-chain, a first for crypto.

About the Internet computer

The Internet Computer is the world’s first public blockchain running at internet-scale internet speed. A revolutionary blockchain technology that empowers millions of entrepreneurs and developers (via the Internet Computer Protocol, or ICP) to build dapps, DeFi, pan-industry platforms, websites and enterprise systems to rebuild and reimagine everything on the internet. It is made by the DFINITY Foundation.

About United Esports:

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United Esports is a leading North American esports media organization founded in 2018 by industry thought leader, Felix LaHaye. United Esports is the proud creative partner and gaming agency of record for many global brands, and has won multiple industry campaign of the year awards for its work. United Esports is present in three areas in the gaming world: Media & Marketing, Esports Bars (Meltdown Esports Bars) and competitive esports investments (PSG Talon, Beastcoast). Further information can be found at www.unitedesports.com.

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