Beginner Tips for Soulstone Survivors

Beginner Tips for Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivor is a new indie creation Role play with roguelike items made by Game Smithing Limited. The game features a hack ‘n slash combat style similar to Diablo or Vampire Survivor and gameplay that drops players onto large maps in a siege mode battle to kill waves of enemies and bosses to progress to more difficult areas. Soulstone Survivor was recently released on Steam in early access and has received a large number of positive reviews for its solid overall functionality, being incredibly fun to play, and its ability to give players an overwhelming sense of existence without losing challenging aspects of the game.

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Players can drastically customize their individual character, play with a huge amount of available skills, and have several different classes and weapon types to choose from. Players will go from fresh spawn nobody to army-destroying overlord in no time and quickly become enthralled with the gameplay. Fans of games like Hades or Spellbook Demonslayers will dive right into this masterful creation of mayhem in the RPG genre.


7/7 Experimentation is a straight path to fun

The main attraction to Soulstone Survivor is how much freedom a player is allowed when deciding what playstyle they want to follow with their character. Almost every aspect of how a character can fight, move and affect the battlefield is completely in the player’s hands, with the ability to adjust weapon abilities, skills and upgrades.

Therefore, players should dive deep into the game systems, become familiar with the smorgasbord of available options, and not limit themselves to single ideas based on previous games in the genre.

6/7 Try every class

There are fourteen classes available to players in Soulstone Survivor, which includes different styles of tactics; players can choose anywhere from long-range mages, mid-range assassins, and melee barbarians with a good amount of customization features. Each class is uniquely crafted with specific traits and negative aspects that players can use to their advantage.

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Players should be encouraged to try each class thoroughly and get a good understanding of the progression they are capable of. The base shape of each class can be completely different from the endgame shape the payer reaches after some proper grinding.

5/7 Upgrading is important

Upgrading equipment and weapons is an important part of any RPG and should not be neglected Soulstone Survivor. Facing endless hordes of enemies such as spider and bomb types, which are particularly dangerous, players will need their chosen loadouts to be at their best to clear the map as quickly as possible. In addition to higher damage numbers, upgraded gear can provide significant buffs to abilities, weapons, and general survivability to avoid getting pummeled by bosses or run over by packs of ads.

4/7 Materials matter

Materials are the lifeblood through which players will unlock more powerful gear, upgrade their characters, and unlock more classes to play. There is an abundance of different types of resources in the game, and at first players may be overwhelmed or confused about what to do with them.

The different types of materials are basically used for the same three reasons, improving equipment, unlocking classes and crafting weapons; but classes, gear, and skills take specific types of material, and that’s where variation comes into play. Therefore, players should note the type of materials that the equipment or weapon they want will require and keep an eye on them when they are on the battlefield.

3/7 Skills are a must

There are dozens upon dozens of skills in Soulstone Survivor which allows for endless combinations to enable players to feel not only unique but powerful in the game world. Skills are divided into two types, passive and active skills; players can unblock and upgrade these skills by obtaining the materials dropped by slain enemies, truly creating custom builds where no two characters play the same.

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Additionally, skills can directly change how character actions and abilities work, adding chain lighting to attacks or extending an attack’s range to the entire map, which can lead to truly overpowered skill builds. Surviving in Soulstone Survivors will require players to use the skill system as much as possible.

2/7 Don’t get surrounded

The most threatening force in Soulstone Survivor are the enemies; players who aren’t used to waving or siege fighting styles should take extra care when entering the game so they don’t quickly become overwhelmed.

The sheer amount of mayhem that can appear on screen at once will leave unsuspecting players feeling trapped; It is important that players prioritize the right targets and stay on the move while engaged in combat, so as not to get caught in the traps of unique enemies with fleeting AOE effects. With each success, the game will become immensely more difficult, with new enemy types and hazards aimed at ending the player’s playthrough in true roguelike fashion.

1/7 Bosses prioritize

The bosses are the wall that players must overcome to progress in the game; after each defeat, players will gain access to a different map or area of ​​the map with a more challenging difficulty level. To keep players on their toes, many bosses will appear randomly and must be dealt with as soon as possible. As time goes on, the longer the boss stays on the map, the harder the game will become.

Bosses have large health bars and take a lot of damage to defeat; players must focus on them while using their skills to stay in the game.

Saltstone Survivor is available on PC via Steam through early access.

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