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xQc and Greekgodx lock horns in explosive quarrel over Twitch streaming

xQc and Greekgodx lock horns in explosive quarrel over Twitch streaming

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Twitch streamers Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos got into a heated argument live while the two discussed ‘baiting’, lifestyle choices and each other’s content.

Greekgodx exploded on Twitch again after his “sexist” comments during his stream sparked outrage among the streaming community.

Following his temporary suspension from the platform, Greek has continued to joke with his controversial claims.

It all came to mind when he suddenly appeared on Twitch star xQc’s livestream on July 8. What followed was a heated 90-minute quarrel between the two, insult and disagreement over complex issues over time.

Greekgodx streaming

Twitch: Greekgodx

After his “misogynist” rant, Greekgodx has already been thrown out by popular streamers Asmongold, Mizkif and Knut.

xQc and Greekgodx collide during live broadcast

The debate started when xQc streamed live, and received an unexpected Discord call from Greek. He warned that if his co-streamer were to “bait”, he would end the conversation immediately. After Greek reacted angrily, the two began a passionate quarrel that would drive xQc’s viewers wild.

The two fought over a number of deep and controversial topics throughout the spat, including the “unhealthy” lifestyle of being a streamer where Greeks called xQc “a waste of fucking genetics.” He also criticized him for “getting stuck by pouring in [his] room every day ”and encouraged him to“ take a cold shower ”.

But xQc did not sit next to him and quickly fired back: “Do not talk to me about discipline. Even at the time it was easy, you still found a way to fuck it, man. “

At one point during the burning conversation, Greek said that xQc should be out and “living his life” after having such a successful career on Twitch and earning so much money through streaming.

One way xQc could achieve this, Greek claimed, would be to “buy a boat” with its millions. He also later suggested that if xQc did not buy one, then he should just “build” one himself.

This is not the first time Greek has ended up in a deep quarrel with a co-creator after his ban. He also unleashed his unfiltered opinions during Asmongold’s stream where he slammed the MMORPG streamer into believing that the earth is round.

xQc and Greekgodx brought the debate to a close, much to the relief of xQc’s viewers. However, it is likely that this is not the last we have heard from Greek.

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