Who is the BOY? Ludwig struggles to boost streaming of Mount Rushmore

Who is the BOY?  Ludwig struggles to boost streaming of Mount Rushmore

Ranking the best streamers of all time is something no one should be tasked with. But if you had to pick one person to try, Ludwig would be one of the first people to come up.

The innovative content creator is certainly among the best the industry has ever seen, and his ability to reflect on and analyze the streaming market makes him uniquely qualified.

So when Nick Polom brought him on stream today to try and make a list of the best streamers ever, Ludwig took it a step further by trying to narrow down the S-tier to a four-man Mount Rushmore.

While he may have bitten off more than he could chew, he acknowledged it before spending a lot of time talking over each streamer with Polom and Malena.

“It is debatable who I would put in the S team,” he said. “People will disagree with me. There are many names that fit in very few places.”

Early in the proceedings, Ludwig notably understated himself as an all-time C-tier streamer. He explained ranking himself in that spot by saying that giving himself a humble rating would help him build credibility with other streamers he rated.

He added that his positioning was meant to account for the fact that other streamers would see the board through clips without seeing the full stream in its context, so giving himself the grade would prevent others from getting upset.

“I think I’m probably between B and A,” he said. “But if I put myself in C and rank somebody bad and they see me here, they can’t really be so damn mad, easily. So if I put F, it’s too jokey.”

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By the end of the effort, Ludwig had a loaded A team and few streamers in the D and F teams. Most of the streamers he reviewed were among the most respected and revolutionary creators to ever stream on Twitch, and for that reason it was difficult to place anyone below a B or C.

Who was on Ludwig’s Mount Rushmore?

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/nmprol

Ludwig originally had an idea of ​​what he wanted his Mount Rushmore to look like. But as it took shape, he realized he had some problems.

Jerma985 was one of the most influential streamers of Ludwig’s career, and for that reason he admittedly biasedly put him on Mount Rushmore. After that, he included the late Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, who was among the original highly influential personalities on Twitch.

This left him with many names for only two places. Among the early snubs on the mountain were Summit1g, Dr Disrespect, Pokimane and Shroud, each of whom have made numerous contributions to the streaming industry and spent time at the top of the charts in terms of viewership.

After adding Sodapoppin as his third face on Mount Rushmore, Ludwig realized he made a mistake. He now only had one spot left with xQc and Ninja yet to be rated.

While xQc has been the most-watched creator on the platform for more than two years, Ninja almost single-handedly transformed the platform in 2018. Not only did Ninja bring Twitch into the mainstream by partnering with celebrities, but he also set incredibly high watermarks for viewership, followers and subscribers.

After some debate, Ludwig leaned toward adding Ninja to Mount Rushmore. Lud talked a bit more with Polom and admitted that if Ninja was going to be on the mountain, then Pokimane also deserved a spot because of how she revolutionized the spot for women.

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Finally, Ludwig said that if he didn’t show his biases, his Mount Rushmore would have Ninja, Pokimane, Reckful and xQc. This put Sodapoppin and Germa in the A-tier, even though they were originally listed as S-tier.

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