What you can watch on streaming this week: 7-13 October

What you can watch on streaming this week: 7-13  October

Mila Kunis in The luckiest girl alive. Sabrina Lantos/Netflix © 2022

This is a week of potential genre smashes, what with how many different types of movies and series are coming to streaming. Of course, it’s October, so there’s plenty of horror fare (including one from the MCU!), but you’ve also got options ranging from a favorite Netflix Northern Irish sitcom to a massive Viking action epic. There are many choices, so scroll, read and stream!

What to watch on Netflix

Derry girls

Who would have thought that a Northern Irish sitcom revolving around the lives and antics of four teenage girls (and that little English guy) at the end of the Troubles would become one of Netflix’s most beloved crossover hits? Derry girls is a frequent favorite among anyone who has ever been a teenage girl and/or a Catholic school attendee, and the third and final season is finally coming from overseas. If you want to catch up, fear not: both seasons are on Netflix at six 30-minute episodes each, so it’s one of the more binge-worthy shows out there. Season 3 of Derry girls will be available for streaming starting Friday 7th. Octoberth.

The luckiest girl alive

This new thriller takes a twist on true crime and delivers. Mila Kunis stars as the highly successful Ani, a woman with a burgeoning editorial career New York Times and a fiancé from an old money family (Finn Wittrock). However, cracks begin to appear in her facade when someone comes poking around to ask about a horrific incident that Ani may have been involved in at high school; a new true crime documentary about the events comes out, and Ani suddenly has to confront a part of her life that she has long kept hidden. The luckiest girl alive premieres on Friday the 7th. Octoberth.

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What to watch on Hulu


First Exchangenow Hellraiser — Whoever is responsible for getting high-quality horror reboots on Hulu is certainly doing a good job. This remake of the twisted and iconic 1987 film follows in the footsteps of the original, but it promises a new story: this time our protagonist is a young addict named Riley, who struggles with sobriety but is supported by friends and family. But when her questionable new boyfriend asks for help in a heist and they come into possession of a mysterious puzzle box, things are sure to go bad. The bloodthirsty Cenobites appear and, as the title suggests, raise interdimensional hell. Hellraiser premieres on Friday the 7th. Octoberth.

What to watch on Amazon Prime

The Norwegian

Between The witch and The lighthousewriter-director Robert Eggers has made a name for himself with historical horror, and his latest feature is no different. The Norwegian sees the filmmaker operating on a massive scale, crafting an epic tale of a Viking prince trying to avenge his father’s death after living in hiding for decades. The period detail is intense and absorbing, as are the gnarly action scenes. The cast is as impressive as the visuals, with Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ethan Hawke and Björk. The Norwegian premieres on Tuesday 11 Octoberth.

What to watch on HBO Max

Search light

The New York Film Festival began last weekend, adding to a packed fall festival season and, by extension, an increasingly packed awards season. So why not get into serious movie-watching mode with one of the most powerful Best Picture winners of the last decade? Search light traces Boston Globeits investigation into the Roman Catholic Church and its cover-up of sexual abuse cases in the Boston area. The true story is captured with a crisp, controlled script that refuses to delve into melodrama or emotional exaggeration, treating the events with both scrutiny and respect. Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Brian d’Arcy James star. Search light became available for streaming earlier this month.

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What to watch on Disney Plus

Werewolf at night

This particular presentation from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is quite a departure from the typical MCU superhero offerings, not least because it has an affinity for the horror genre. Werewolf at night marks the first directorial effort for composer Michael Giacchino under the Disney umbrella, having scored countless films across Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel. The hour-long TV special follows a group of monster hunters as they try to find a mysterious relic. It is also the added reminder that Gael García Bernal’s prolific monster hunter is afflicted with a bit of a lycanthropic curse, making the contest more of a battle for survival than anything else. Werewolf at night premieres on Friday the 7th. Octoberth.

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What you can watch on streaming this week: 7-13  October

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