What are the best movies to watch this Christmas via streaming?

What are the best movies to watch this Christmas via streaming?

Halloween, Veterans DayThanksgiving and finally, Christmas. There are only two months left in the year and even less time to celebrate Santa’s arrival. It’s time to start the preparations and many families have already chosen to take down the scary decorations and replace them with cute reindeer, trees with lights and many other decorations.

Chances are that on that day there won’t be too many shops open in the evening, so be sure to stock up on drinks and snacks a few days before. Another great option is to stay at home with your loved ones and have a big marathon of Christmas movies, classic and modern.

Several streaming platforms are going to offer a great catalog, full of funny stories, love stories and more. Paramount+ is one of them. This week it offers all new users the opportunity to have 30 days free due to Veterans Day. In addition, it also included a special section with several productions (such as Top Gun) to honor ex-combatants.

Top 15 Best Christmas Movies and How to Watch Them at Home

Home alone (1990) – Available on Disney+.

Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister makes the most of his situation after his family inadvertently abandons him when they go on Christmas vacation. But when a pair of rumbling burglars set their sights on Kevin’s house, the brave kid is ready to defend his territory. Setting traps galore, adorably mischievous Kevin stands his ground as his frantic mother tries to race home before Christmas Day.

The nightmare before Christmas (1994) – Available on Disney+.

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Tired of scaring people every October 31st with the same old bag of tricks, Jack Skellington, the scrawny king of Halloween Town, kidnaps Santa Claus and plans to deliver shrunken heads and other creepy gifts to children on Christmas morning. But as Christmas approaches, Jack’s rag doll girlfriend, Sally, tries to thwart his misguided plans.

Scrooged (1988) – Available at Paramount+ and Amazon Prime Video.

Frank Cross is a hugely successful television executive whose cold ambition and singular nature have driven away the love of his life. But after firing co-worker Eliot Loudermilk on Christmas Eve, Frank is visited by a series of ghosts who give him a chance to rethink his actions and right the wrongs of the past.

Die hard (1988) – Available on STARZ.

NYPD cop John McClane’s plan to reconcile with his estranged wife is thrown for a serious loop when, minutes after he arrives at her office, the entire building is overrun by a group of terrorists. With little help from the LAPD, the wisecracking McClane sets out to single-handedly rescue the hostages and bring down the bad guys.

white christmas (1954) – Available on Netflix.

Two talented singers and dancers team up after the war to become one of the hottest artists in show business. In time, they become friends and become romantically involved with the beautiful Haynes sisters who make up a sister act.

Elf (2003) – Available on HBO Max.

When young Buddy falls into Santa’s sack of presents on Christmas Eve, he is transported back to the North Pole and raised as a toy-making elf by Santa’s helpers. But as he grows up, he can’t shake the nagging feeling that he doesn’t belong. Buddy vows to visit Manhattan and find his real father, a workaholic publisher.

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Bad Santa (2003) – Available on Amazon Prime Video.

A lousy con and his partner pose as Santa Claus and his little helper to rob department stores on Christmas Eve. But they run into trouble when the swindler befriends a troubled boy.

A Christmas story (1983) – Available on HBO Max.

The comical misadventures and adventures of a young boy named Ralph try to convince his parents, teachers and Santa Claus that a Red Ryder BB gun really is the perfect Christmas present for the 1940s.

Edward Scissorhands (1990) – Available at Paramount+.

An inventor living alone in a castle creates Edward, an artificial man. However, the inventor dies before completing the project, leaving Edward with knives instead of hands. After his creator died, Edward lives in obscurity until he meets Peg, who takes him home. Soon Edward is well known in the neighborhood thanks to his gardening and hairdressing skills. However, trouble begins when Edward falls in love with Peg’s daughter Kim.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2005) – Available at fuboTV and Hulu.

A petty thief posing as an actor is brought to Los Angeles for an unlikely audition and finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation along with his high school sweetheart and a detective who has been training him for his upcoming role.

Gremlins (1984) – Available at fuboTV and peacock.

When Billy Peltzer gets a strange but adorable pet named Gizmo for Christmas, he inadvertently breaks the three important rules of caring for a Mogwai and unleashes a horde of mischievous gremlins on a small town.

The princess wrestler (2018) – Available on Netflix.

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When a down-to-earth Chicago baker and a soon-to-be princess discover they look like twins, they hatch a Christmas plan to switch places.

A bad mom’s Christmas (2017) – Available on Netflix.

Amy, Kiki and Carla – three underappreciated and overburdened women – rebel against the challenges and expectations of the Super Bowl for Moms: Christmas. And if creating a more perfect vacation for their families wasn’t hard enough, they have to do all of this while hosting and entertaining their own moms.

Holiday (2020) – Available on Netflix.

Tired of being single and spending the highlights of the year alone, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving, two strangers, Sloane and Jackson, agree to celebrate the holidays together.

Falling before Christmas (2022) – Available on Netflix.

A newly engaged and spoiled hotel heir finds himself in the care of a handsome, blue-necked cabin owner and his precocious daughter after suffering total amnesia in a skiing accident.

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