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Use proxies to access geo-restricted power services

Use proxies to access geo-restricted power services

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Did you know that Netflix customers in different countries have access to different content? This is referred to as geographical limitation.

This can be very frustrating for users who want to access a particular TV show or movie that their service provider provides access to in other countries but does not provide access to in their country.

Fortunately, there are ways you can work around these limitations by using proxies. In this article, we talk about this challenge and how proxies can help you access geographically limited media content.

Why you need a proxy

Although streaming services like Netflix claim that they want to offer the same content to all Netflix customers worldwide, there are some major differences in the content available to Netflix customers in some countries.

The main reason why online content providers like Netflix can restrict access to certain content, for certain countries, is related to the legal rights they have over the content.

In some cases, these streaming services may have purchased the rights to a particular movie or TV series, but only for broadcast to one country (eg US), and the ability for them to broadcast the same content in other countries may either be unavailable to them, or may not be commercially viable (due to costs or the purchase of “worldwide” rights).

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These issues arise because the individuals and entities that own the rights to the content understand that they could potentially make more money by selling the rights to their content on a country-by-country basis, rather than granting rights worldwide.

It is rare that streaming services, such as Netflix, only decide to limit content on a location basis, as it is likely to be detrimental to their success. It is because of the licensing rights that the power services have committed to.

Given these limitations, many people have started using proxies and VPNs, to mask the computer’s location and look like they are in the country where the desired content is being streamed.

Suppliers are fighting back

As part of these licensing agreements, streaming services are not only obligated to limit the places the licensed content can access, but are also required to proactively prevent people from trying to circumvent these restrictions.

What this means is that many individuals are trying to access geographically limited content using proxies or VPNs, and these streaming services are legally required to try very hard to prevent this from happening.

As a result, it is not easy to access this limited content, but it is possible.

What you can do

At a conceptual level, the best thing you can do to access geographically limited content is to mask the IP address of your location, and use an IP address from the country where the desired content is available to stream.

An IP address is a unique identifier associated with your Internet connection that reveals information about your location, usually at the country and region level.

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However, by using proxies, you can mask your actual IP address and surf the Internet through an IP address from another country, thus providing different information about your location to the sites and services you have access to.

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But it’s not just a matter of finding a proxy provider to give you a new IP address to access via a proxy, and then forgetting it, it will be an ongoing process.

This is because many of the streaming services, especially Netflix, are very proactive in the fight against people trying to circumvent these restrictions (due to their legal obligations).

The following features are things you should look for in a proxy provider (such as a proxy store) to maximize your chances of getting around these geographically based content restrictions.

A large number of proxies available

Given how aggressive some of these content providers are, you need a proxy provider that has a large database of available proxies in their blacklisting of certain IP addresses where they suspect people have access to their services from elsewhere.

When your proxy provider has a large database of available proxies, you can easily change proxies, if the one you use is blacklisted.

Fresh IPs on a regular basis

But it is not enough that your proxy provider has a large number of available proxies, they must also actively bring new IPs into the network on a regular basis.

This is because even a large database can be quickly blacklisted by these streaming services, so it is important that new IPs are brought into the network that are not yet blacklisted.

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Look at user reviews

Checking out the reviews of proxy providers is also another great way to see if the proxy provider is likely to be able to offer a consistent service that meets your needs.

People are very quick to post on the internet if they are happy or dissatisfied with the experience of these services, so look for reviews around the proxy service you are considering joining.

Last thoughts

Keep in mind that if you try to access content from a particular provider that they do not want you to access based on geographic restrictions, you will be involved in an ongoing battle.

They work actively to prevent you from accessing the content from your location, so any effort by you to circumvent it will be met with resistance and continuous effort from them to stop and prevent it from happening.

So what may be effective today, and this week, may not be effective next week or next month, but what you have learned in this article will give you the best chance of continuous success.

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