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The Scariest Movies Streaming on Netflix in July 2022

The Scariest Movies Streaming on Netflix in July 2022

Horror movies have gained momentum in reaching a wider audience over the decades. What used to be considered low-budget assassinations are now getting the right attention to tell deep, frightening and layered stories. Part of this involves the influx of horror movies on streaming services like Netflix. As July increases, more movies are added to the selection, so that even more fans can explore new and old horror movies. With that in mind, let’s look at some supplements that are being streamed this month.

Slyly redefined supernatural horror

For The Conjuring helped make the haunted house movie a staple for horror fans again, James Wan tried Luske. The film followed a young boy who had fallen into a coma after supernatural events. But instead of his home being haunted, it was actually himself. Now with the help of a psychic, the young boy’s father must travel to the spiritual plane and save his son. Luske used the backdrop of haunted houses supernatural horror to tell a completely unique story. As a result, Wan’s camera work, use of horror, and clever narratives helped redefine the genre forever.

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John Carpenter’s vampires put terror back in legend

In horror, no name is as iconic for genre-spanning terror as John Carpenter. He has everything from his work on Things and Halloween to action-packed excursions such as They live and Big problems in Little China. But John Carpenter’s vampires can be the perfect mix of both styles. The film follows a skilled vampire hunter who must meet a powerful vampire who is also the first ever made. The film is a perfect balance between horror and action and helps to remove the romance and invoke real terror into the vampire story.

I Am Legend is a strangely gloomy action-horror movie

In the genre of pandemic movies, I Am Legend has been one of the most prominent. Will Smith delivered a powerful performance of a man who tried to save the world after an illness killed or transformed most of the population. But between the powerful moments of character, there was also incredible excitement and the extra fear factor for people who had become somewhat more wild and deadly. With these factors combined, I Am Legend became a terrifying apocalypse movie and a thought-provoking zombie movie with a traumatized hero forced to face everything.

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Blair Witch expanded the story of the original

Before 2016 Blair Witch came to the cinema, redefined the predecessor terror and showed the audience that sometimes the scariest things are what is just out of sight. The first film set a new standard for found footage and left viewers with a lingering fear of getting lost in the woods. Its sequel, Blair Witch, continued that thought, but updated the technology while tying the story close to the original. But even scarier than that, it eventually gave fans more knowledge about the witch herself and answered whether the myth surrounding the creature was true.

The fog shows the worst of humanity

Based on a short story by Stephen King of the same name, The fog was a unique alien invasion movie where the cast is trapped in a grocery store while a deadly fog kills everyone who enters it. While the film’s true stars are the strange alien creatures that live in the fog, the real villains are the feelings of fear and paranoia that permeate the grocery store. Instead of everyone working together, conflicting beliefs often disrupt people’s basic need to survive and show how low someone will bend to survive or even gain control. The fog is a gloomy creature with a powerful message driven home by its incredibly tragic conclusion.

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