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The Failure of Lightyear: Does Disney Have a Power Issue?

The Failure of Lightyear: Does Disney Have a Power Issue?

There are various factors to consider when studying Light year‘s box office problems. A loud and toxic wing of social media users will insist that it has something to do with the film, including (in brief editing) a happy lesbian couple, as well as the false controversy that Tim Allen’s voice was rather inexplicably replaced by Chris Evans. But beyond disability Light year from the rich ticket offices to countries with terrible records on LGBTQ + rights, such as China where Light year is expected to be banned, it is unlikely that the absolute minimum of inclusion will affect the box office of the franchise film – at least in the United States after all, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker also included a wink-and-you-will-miss-it-kiss between women and earned $ 515.2 million by the state. If there is any financial responsibility for not ignoring the fact that same-sex couples exist, it is marginal.

In the meantime, some may suggest it Light yearas a spinoff of Toy Story, is based on an old Disney property that debuted almost 30 years ago. Reverse, Slaves is a precursor to the much newer one Despicable Me franchise which was launched in 2010 and is therefore more relevant to a younger audience. But even this seems to be misleading since the last Toy Story picture, Toy Story 4raised $ 434 million in the United States just three summers ago, surpassing $ 1 billion globally.

Ultimately, what seems to be the more likely problem is that Light year is the first Pixar movie to have a theatrical release since Furtherits shortened theatrical performance in March 2020. The original Pixar IP address had the unenviable position of opening a week before the world actually stopped in the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The same pandemic is also the reason why Disney wisely chose not to release any theater films for the rest of 2020, apart from a day-and-date release of Mulan where you could watch it at home for a hefty prize while at the cinema.

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But even as late as March with Turns redall of Pixar’s productions, which also include Soul and last year Luca, was released exclusively on Disney + for free. Meanwhile, Walt Disney Animation Studios (the legendary production house responsible for everything from Snow white to Frozen II) saw one of their few films Mulanits premium day-and-date publishing strategy with Raya and the last dragon. Their second 2021 release, Encanto, was only exclusively in cinemas for barely 30 days. For most families, it was not even registered as a pop culture phenomenon until their children could sing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” at home via the film’s Disney + release over the Christmas holidays.

All this, of course, stems from the need to release content during the pandemic. However, it also speaks to Disney’s newer strategy of turning from dominating the theater market to sending audiences to Disney +. It’s the same logic that has led Disney to demand an armada of Marvel and Star Wars streaming series from Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, as well as part of the reason why the latter has only switched to TV in recent times (and the next several ) the years.

Disney even joked visibly about whether they could make more money on a Marvel movie from a smaller audience of subscribers who were willing to pay a premium than they could just by releasing the movie exclusively in theaters. Therefore Black Widow debuted at Disney + (with a $ 30 surcharge) the same day it opened in theaters. The film then sank like a rock at the box office, prompting Scarlett Johansson to sue Disney. One of the company’s spokespersons then accused Johansson of having a “sinister ignorance” of public health. The rather insincere attack on Johansson, who sought compensation for Disney’s streaming strategy that undermined her backend theatrical deal, had a cooling effect on the industry. Even frequent Marvel director Joe Russo told Den or Geek“It really was not an appropriate way for them to deal with that situation. It was disturbing for us as artists.”

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