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The best streaming deals on Amazon ahead of Prime Day 2022, featuring Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and more

The best streaming deals on Amazon ahead of Prime Day 2022, featuring Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and more

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Welcome to the age of streaming, where you can watch new movies from the couch, and it always is great TV series to exuberant. If you find yourself choosing the living room over the multiplex more and more these days, it’s time to upgrade your streaming experience at home.

Fortunately, you do not have to wait until Amazon Prime Day 2022 to save on power sticks, power devices and smart TVs. Keep reading to check out our favorite streaming deals on Amazon ahead of Amazon Prime Day.

Top products in this article:

See all the offers on Amazon now!

Amazon Fire TV Cube, $ 60 (reduced from $ 120)

2021 Apple TV 4K, $ 150 (reduced from $ 179)

Offers are not the only things that streaming fans can get via Amazon: It is also, of course, Amazon Prime video. Amazon Prime Video is a great place to find your next streaming favorite. After configuring your new power devices, be sure to check out our guide to everything that is new on Prime Videoand How To Make Free Money Spending On Prime Day To Stream A Show On Prime Video.

And if you are considering buying a new TV, take a look at our overview above best TVs to buy on Amazon ahead of Prime Day. Clear? Great! So keep reading to shop for all the best power deals right now before Amazon Prime Day 2022.

The best power deals on Amazon ahead of Prime Day 2022

Why wait until Prime Day to buy a new stick or power box? Amazon has already cut the prices of its Amazon Fire TV line and more.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K: $ 40 (save $ 10)

Fire TV Stick 4K


Amazon’s internal streaming platform is Fire TV. This 4K device comes with an Alexa voice remote control and supports Dolby Atmos Audio. Right now, Amazon has 4K Fire TV Stick for sale for $ 40.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, $ 40 (reduced from $ 50)

Amazon Fire TV Cube: $ 60 (save $ 60)

Amazon Fire TV Cube


With a hexa-core processor that delivers fast, fluid 4K streaming, the Fire TV Cube is the most powerful option when it comes to Amazon’s Fire TV streaming systems. Equipped with a control-compatible soundboard and A / V receivers, you can walk completely hands-free, and only ask Alexa when you want to change something on the TV. Like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is routinely discounted by Amazon – and right now you can buy one to half the regular listing price.

Amazon Fire TV Cube, $ 60 (reduced from $ 120)

Apple TV 4K (2021): $ 150 (save $ 29)

2021 Apple TV 4K


This Apple TV 4K box is equipped with an A12 bionic chip that amplifies audio, video and graphics. It also offers Dolby Atmos for more immersive sound. You can listen to your new Apple TV box on up to two sets of AirPods, plus use AirPlay to use it to share photos, videos and more from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Apple TV 4K (2021), $ 150 (reduced from $ 179)

Roku Streambar 4K: $ 108 (save $ 22)

Roku Streambar


Roku Streambar is a Roku streaming device and audio line in one. The sound uses Dolby Audio technology, which automatically lowers the volume of loud commercials and increases the volume of silent calls. It also has a long range wireless receiver. Roku makes an extra wireless subwoofer and wireless speakers that are paired with Streambar for an upgraded surround sound experience.

Roku Soundbar, $ 108 (reduced from $ 130)

More power units at Amazon now

The following power units are not currently for sale at Amazon, but they are all top rated choices.

2022 Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV


For Google loyalists, the new 2022 Chromecast with Google TV can streamline your streaming experience. Get personalized recommendations based on your subscriptions, viewer history and purchase history. The latest version will be released on May 13, 2022, but you can pre-order your new Chromecast right now on Amazon.

2022 Chromecast with Google TV, $ 50

Roku Express 4K +


Roku via Amazon

Enjoy 4K picture quality, plus much more with Rokus’ affordable and appropriate name Express 4K + streaming box. Express 4K + can be activated to work with Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can control your device (search for channels! Turn on subtitles! Turn off subtitles!) With your voice. It has dual-band wireless for a smooth streaming experience, and a premium HDMI cable is included to connect the Roku to the TV. Roku Express 4K + does not require a smart TV to work, but it does require a TV with HDMI input. While some Roku devices support older TVs with A / V input, this does not.

“I can finally get the apps I want and not worry about the storage space running out on my TV,” wrote a verified Amazon reviewer. “It’s very easy to set up and use. The remote control is very simple and easy to learn.”

Roku Express 4K +, $ 40

Fire TV Stick Lite

Fire TV Stick Lite


Sure, Fire TV Stick Lite is the Amazon streaming stick with the least frills, but it’s also Amazon’s most affordable streaming stick. With Fire Stick Lite, you can stream TV series and movies in full HD, and enjoy some Alexa-enabled voice controls. If you are looking for the cheapest way to stream on an older TV, Fire TV Stick Lite is a great option. Choose one today for $ 30, or click the button below to look for the next sale.

Fire TV Stick Lite, $ 30

The best early Amazon Prime Day TV deals

A number of top-rated TVs are on sale now, ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2022.

65 “Amazon Fire TV: $ 500 (save $ 330)



Amazon currently has a 65-inch Amazon Fire TV with 4K resolution on sale for just $ 500. This TV with Alexa supports 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Digital Plus.

65 “Amazon Fire TV, $ 500 (reduced from $ 830)

65 “LG C1 Series OLED Smart TV: $ 1597 (save $ 903)

LG 65-inch Class C1 Series Smart TV


The screen of this 65-inch LG OLED Smart TV has more than 8 million self-illuminated pixels. The TV comes with Google Assistant and Alexa built-in. The LG A9 Gen4 AI processor adjusts image and sound automatically.

LG 65 “C1 Series OLED Smart TV, $ 1597 (reduced from $ 2500)

LG 77 “C1 Series OLED Smart TV, $ 2597 (reduced from $ 3800)

43 “TCL Class 4 Series 4K UHD HDR smart Android TV: $ 248 (save $ 102)


TCL via Amazon

Android users can keep all their technology in the same universe with a TV that has built-in AndroidTV. The 4K smart TV includes Chromecast and Google Assistant. At just $ 248, the price is definitely right.

50 “TCL Class 4 Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Android TV, $ 248 (reduced from $ 350)

Samsung ‘The Frame’ QLED smart 4K TV (2021)


Samsung via Best Buy

What makes Samsung’s “The Frame” smart TV so coveted is its built-in motion sensor that activates your device to display your favorite artwork in 4K resolution as you enter the room.

This means that long after you have used the smart TV’s voice command to turn off an episode of “Real Housewives”, you can go into the living room and see a fantastic piece from Renoir – and we mean fantastic. This QLED TV produces 100% color volume in the DCI-P3 color space, which is the format for most cinema screens and HDR movies for TV. (Translation: The colors of this TV will be more vibrant and lifelike!)

Samsung’s smart TV has 4K AI upscaling and Samsung’s Adaptive Sound + technology to automatically adjust the TV’s sound for an enhanced viewing experience.

43 “Samsung ‘The Frame’ 4K TV, $ 798 (usually $ 948)

50 “Samsung ‘The Frame’ QLED 4K TV, $ 948 (usually $ 1198)

65 “Samsung ‘The Frame’ QLED 4K TV, $ 1598 (usually $ 1798)

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