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Streaming services: Church of God and the online experience

Streaming services: Church of God and the online experience

Before the pandemic, many houses of prayer (opens in new tab) did not consider live broadcasting a priority. Whether or not it was necessary to incorporate it into a church’s major service strategy depended on a number of variables, including the specific organization’s budget, its access to technical expertise, and its general approach to outreach work.


Luke Jordan, Electroacoustics (Image credit: Electro Acoustics)

“Some churches, before COVID, understood that not everyone was comfortable putting their foot in a church, and therefore streaming was a way for people to check the church’s disposition on a very secure one-way communication so they could find out: What is this church? about “Is this something I could be interested in being a part of?” explained Luke Jordan, PMP, CTS-I, Vice President and Co-Steward at Electro Acoustics (opens in new tab), an AV design and integration company based in Fort Worth, TX. “I think these churches were far ahead of the game and had already sat out there, had captured many viewers online and had enough people watching online that they could continue to invest in their technology and improve the production value of their lives. “

Strategies and expenses

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