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Streaming media platforms are evolving more slowly

Streaming media platforms are evolving more slowly

Game schedules for streaming media meet the big circles

Game schedules for streaming media meet the big circles

This article introduces how streaming media platforms are evolving in the market now.

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, USA, July 8, 2022 / – “As long as users grow, the stock price rises with it” – the market’s original simplest and rawest investment logic has changed. The epidemic is over and streaming platforms generally have growth problems.

From Netflix to Disney +, to HBO, Apple TV + and Amazon Prime Video, a thriving array of platforms and content have captured the attention of countless viewers. But the hardest thing for the capital markets to forget was Netflix’s dramatic fall in the share price after two consecutive quarters of earnings when new subscribers plunged and the revenue outlook deviated sharply from expectations. With more attention focused on health during the epidemic, TV subscribers are asking how I add Beachbody to my smart TV.

US power stocks, all of them, plummet. Netlifx has fallen more than 67% so far this year, and the market value is just under $ 86 billion. It’s not the same as in October last year when it passed Disney with $ 300 billion.

Disney, which switched from traditional media to streaming, has added 20 million subscribers in the last two quarters, but it is still one of the worst results among the Dow Jones Industrial Average components, down nearly 30% for the year. In addition, some burdensome features like the narrator on Disney Plus can make people annoying, and many will know how to turn off the narrator on Disney Plus.

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HBO, which is home to the best series like Game of Thrones and Westworld, has added 12.8 million subscribers in the last year, but how to log out of HBO MAX on Roku has become one of the most sought after topics lately.

For the electricity industry, the most important data that investors previously looked at was the frequency of subscriber growth. The simple, brutal logic was that if subscribers grew, the stock price would go up.

But as the leading Netflix subscribers plunged and the market was plunged right into the diving course with their feet, investors began to panic: Is there really any value in investing in streaming media now that the epidemic has passed?

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