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Streaming exactly what you need is the way to go. This is how.

Streaming exactly what you need is the way to go.  This is how.

So you really only want to watch Formula 1, but you pay R839 a month to subscribe to DStv’s Premium package? Think again: Formula 1 fans can, for example, subscribe to the F1 TV Pro for R84 per month to livestream F1 races and each track session, in addition to accessing all driver cameras and team radios and the F2, F3 and Porsche Supercup. And the same goes for many other popular sports. Take a look at the article published below on MyBroadband and see for yourself. – Sandra Laurence

DStv SuperSports battle against sports streaming services

By Myles Illidge

DStv’s most attractive feature is without a doubt SuperSport, but dedicated sports streaming services now offer an alternative to MultiChoice’s dominance for sports broadcasting.

For those who want the complete catalog of SuperSport channels, the only option is to subscribe to DStv’s Premium package for R839 per month.

However, DStv’s Premium subscription is expensive compared to several other sports streaming options.

This is especially true for subscribers who are only interested in specific sports. They can look at the price of R839 a month as excessive when they only tune in to SuperSport occasionally.

Another consideration is that many local and international sports streaming services allow more than one simultaneous streaming.

DStv restricted simultaneous streaming on its platform in March 2022 to crack down on streaming pirates and password sharing. It now allows only one power at a time on the platform.

While some sport-specific streaming services in South Africa have a similar limit, they are available for a fraction of the price and are not sold as a family entertainment service.

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MultiChoice’s own Showmax Pro service gives South Africans access to various sports broadcasts, primarily focused on football.

Showmax Pro costs R449 a month and allows up to two simultaneous streams.

Those who want to stream a selection of FIFA-approved matches, older reruns of the entire match and original documentaries can watch FIFA +.

FIFA + is free and does not restrict concurrent streams.

Formula 1 fans can subscribe to F1 TV Pro for R84 per month to livestream F1 races and each track session.

It also provides access to all driver cameras and team radios, as well as the F2, F3 and Porsche Supercup.

DAZN is a box-focused streaming service available in South Africa for R149.99 per month. It also broadcasts boxing documentaries and live events, allowing up to two simultaneous streams.

MMA fans can subscribe to the UFC Fight Pass for R197 a month to watch a variety of MMA broadcasts, including live events.

Some sporting events are also broadcast live by their organizers on YouTube for free.

Examples of such events include the Under 20 Six Nations Summer Series, the FanCode European Cricket Series, and a number of eSports events, to name a few.

It should be noted that there are several international sports streaming services, such as Sky TV Sports and ESPN +, which are not officially available in South Africa.

Although it is possible to subscribe to the services through a virtual private network and a US or UK based payment method, bypassing geographical restrictions is considered “streaming piracy”.

Several sports streaming platforms available in South Africa, as well as their prices and flow limits, are listed in the table below.

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