Spanish streaming giant El Rubius was banned from Twitch for an hour for his Sonic Frontiers stream

Spanish streaming giant El Rubius was banned from Twitch for an hour for his Sonic Frontiers stream

Ruben “rubius” Gundersen was officially served with a Twitch ban after his recent stream got stuck with a copyright violation for streaming the upcoming Sega game Sonic Frontiers.

The streamer took to Twitter to protest the suspension, claiming the developers had sent him an early access copy and saying there was no embargo on streaming. The Spanish electricity giant was served with the ban for just over an hour before it was reversed.

The much-anticipated game in the Sonic series is scheduled to be released on November 8.

Rubius reveals that he was banned despite having permission to show Sonic Frontiers from Sega themselves

Ruben posted on social media and shared that the copyright strike was from Sega itself. He believed that the ban was directly contrary to what was communicated to him by post. In his tweet, the streamer shared part of the email from Twitch informing him of the strike.

Sega hoy me ha mandado un codigo del Sonic Frontiers. An el e-mail me dicen que no hay embargo y que lo puedo stremear ya. Sega continues a patharme de Twitch. WTF??? @TwitchES @sonic_hedgehog

For non-Spanish speakers, here’s a rough translation of the tweet:

“Today Sega sent me a code for Sonic Frontiers. In the email they tell me there is no embargo and I can stream it now. Sega keeps banning me from Twitch. WTF???”

The email from Twitch about the suspension reads:

“Sonic Frontiers copyright is under license for distribution by Sega America Inc. Any unauthorized distribution is strictly prohibited.”

Meanwhile, another screenshot posted by rubius shows the guidelines sent to him by the publishers which state:

“No high-embargo on public analysis and other content.”

Which translates to:

“There is no embargo on publishing the analysis and other in-game content.”

The tweet was immediately shared by thousands of fans and other streaming personalities, garnering over 50,000 likes within an hour. After gaining a lot of social traction, it also caught the attention of Katie Chrzanowski, the head of social media at Sega, who replied that she would look into it.

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It seems that the directives from Sega have also confused other content creators, including Caith_Sith who also shared emails with the guidelines which claimed that no movie, in-game matches or achievements should be shown by those who have obtained advanced copies. This is meant to preserve the mystery of Sonic Frontiers for players.

The last two stanzas of the tweets read:

“From the embargo until the release of the game, no cutscenes, Super Sonic battles, trophies or achievements can be shown to preserve some mystery for other players.”

The second reads:

“When the game opens on November 8th, you can now talk and show all the content of your gaming experience.”

Reactions to the ban

The ban was met with a flurry of fans expressing their displeasure on Twitch. Many responded to Rubius’ own tweet, which shed light on the ban. Notably, other streamers and gaming personalities also responded to his post. Many also started posting about Sonic and Rubius as a way to support their favorite streamer:

@Rubiu5 @TwitchES @sonic_hedgehog Y por que hay gente en Twitch jugandolo ??? he mirado y hay mas de 10 streams, pequeños, pero hay mas de 1 persona con el juego.

This was Rubius’ first ban on the purple platform and according to the automated StreamerBans account, it lasted for about an hour and 18 minutes. His 12.9 million followers can rest easy now that the world’s third most followed Twitch channel has been restored.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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