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Producer: Easy-to-use live streaming from a browser by Jose Antunes

Producer: Easy-to-use live streaming from a browser by Jose Antunes

Producer: easy-to-use live streaming from a browserAdvertised as an easy-to-use way to live stream, host virtual and hybrid events, broadcast video and share screens directly from a browser. Producer is the newest product from BoxCast.

The pandemic transformed every home into a live studio and turned everyone into a broadcaster, paving the way for the development of innovative solutions and tools. Now, for various reasons, many people want to continue sending, and affordable solutions are in demand. BoxCast claims it has one more: Producer. With this new tool, there’s no need to download an app or invest in expensive equipment – ​​just use your browser as an encoder and stream with a webcam or recording device.

Manufacturer: user-friendly live streaming from a browser 3Producer is the latest addition to BoxCast’s live-streaming platform, an ecosystem of software and hardware products that make it easy and efficient to produce high-quality professional live broadcasts for everyone. With Producer, users can start a live broadcast directly from a computer’s browser in minutes. No additional or proprietary hardware is required.

Producer is another step in an adventure that began in 2009, when Gordon Daily, Justin Hartman and Ron Hopper began working to create fully automated, reliable live streaming hardware and software to enable broadcasters to connect with viewers anywhere. One year later, a patent was filed for the first product: BoxCaster, a revolutionary pocket-sized encoder that streams live video from anywhere with an internet connection. In 2013, one year after selling their first branded BoxCaster to Case Western Reserve University, the company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, when Gordon, Justin and Ron quit their day jobs to focus on their startup company full time.

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Producer: easy-to-use live streaming from a browserLive stream from a browser

With BoxCast Flow and BoxCaster Pro launched in 2018 and 2019, the company entered 2020 as the technology became a must-have for organizations as they recognized the value of hybrid events. The following year – 2021 was a breakthrough year for the company: it enabled users to produce over a million broadcasts, resulting in billions of live streamed minutes of live broadcasts watched. Meanwhile, new features were added to the company’s products.

We are in 2022 and the producer was just announced. BoxCast claims it is “a powerful solution that allows users to live stream from a web browser, where you can host virtual events, produce podcasts and more” and do so to multiple destinations at once. The differentiator here, BoxCast claims, “is the algorithm in our proprietary streaming protocol – it’s adapted to your network and maintains the highest possible streaming connection even if your device or internet is unstable.”

Producer users can take full advantage of BoxCast Dashboard, the company’s flagship software that manages and schedules broadcasts. With Producer, users can:

  • Multistream to several destinations at the same time
  • Share a device screen during a broadcast
  • Compose camera and screen feeds in multiple formats, including picture-in-picture and side-by-side
  • Use custom branding elements, lower thirds, and gifs on a live stream
  • Record and produce a podcast
  • Encourage comments and engagement during a broadcast with viewer chat

Producer: easy-to-use live streaming from a browserBoxCast Academy

Producer is available now for free with any BoxCast live streaming plan. Users can sign up for a free plan, or enhance their broadcasts with more advanced, professional features by upgrading to one of four additional streaming subscription plans starting at $99 per month. Anyone can start live streaming in minutes with Producer for free at

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For those who need a little help getting started, BoxCast recently launched The BoxCast Academy, a one-stop shop for learning. Visit the site to start your own BoxCast 101 course that will teach you everything you need to know about live streaming with BoxCast! The course guides you through the following:

  • Choose how you want to stream and choose an encoder.
  • Learn the BoxCast Dashboard and how broadcasts work.
  • Set up and configure social media destinations for live streaming to more than one location.
  • Schedule your broadcasts and set up recurring broadcasts for easier event management.
  • Learn to harness the power of BoxCast Player embedded code and Smart TV apps for AppleTV, Roku and Amazon FireTV.

The BoxCast 101 course will give you the necessary knowledge to explore live streaming and the new Producer tool. BoxCast says that “however you decide to stream, Producer makes it quick, easy and fun to express your creativity and communicate your message through live video” and invites users to “take a look at our Producer review for tips on how you’ll get started. You can also learn how to stream a slideshow in picture-in-picture mode. If you want to extend your setup beyond your computer, check out our external webcam and microphone recommendations.”

“In a world where virtual and hybrid events are a necessity for all organizations, Producer makes it easy to start live streaming and hosting events with just a few clicks,” said BoxCast CEO and co-founder Gordon Daily. “Producer eliminates barriers that many newcomers to streaming have, allowing them to reach audiences wherever they are.”

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