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Power services have made us impatient bastards

Power services have made us impatient bastards

Power services have been revolutionary. From the comfort of our own homes, we have a wealth of quality entertainment right at your fingertips. But has it made us impatient?

I remember at that time that I was patiently waiting every week for the last episode of the program I was obsessed with at the time (most likely Lost or How I met your mother) to broadcast on free TV. And so when the season was over, I would be excited about the next season that was released next year.

While now, because most programs are released in their entirety on streaming platforms and I can overcome them all at once, instead of voltage, I feel frustrated when I have to wait. Last Friday I watched the last episode of The boys (which at the time was episode 7 of season 3) and as soon as the episode was over I wanted more.

I needed to know what would happen next, however The boys is one of the few series these days that releases new episodes weekly, not all at once. So I spent the whole week feeling anxious and impatient after the season 3 final was going to fall – something that, thank God, did yesterday. But now I have to wait for season 4 which is at least a year away.

And my feelings of desperation for season 4 made me think; have power services made us impatient? And not just impatient to wait for new episodes to be released, but also impatient with storytelling and character development?

I stumbled upon this Tumblr post (see below), and it perfectly highlights a problem society now has when it comes to quality storytelling. If a character or action does not develop quickly enough today, most people get bored, lose interest and stop seeing, instead of sticking it out.

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Are we impatient when it comes to TV? Photo credit: @scruffylookingpiratecaptain

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Many shows in recent years have been canceled after just one season due to low ratings and average ratings. But look Seinfeld or Simpsons; both are considered iconic series, but both first meet in their second / third season.

If made today, Seinfeld and Simpsons would most likely be canceled after their first seasons because we are too impatient and have expectations that must immediately met; something television did not have to deal with at the time. Shows could take time to grow characters and build complex plot lines, resulting in shows that were truly outstanding.

I unfortunately have no solution except, maybe we should all try to slow down when we eat entertainment? Maybe, even though Netflix, Stan, Binge, Disney +, Prime Video, etc. are releasing an entire season of our favorite show at once, we should not get through it as quickly as possible. Set us a limit of one or two episodes a week; in my opinion it will help us to enjoy and appreciate more TV.

However, the 22-point of doing so, that the streaming platforms will see that people did not watch their last show, would assume that viewers do not like it that much and then cancel the show. We really can not win. Oh well, I’ll just go back to counting down the days to The boys Season 4 has been released …

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