Petition to oust ‘The Witcher’ creative team reaches 150,000 signatures as critically crippled fantasy prequel leaps for streaming glory

Petition to oust ‘The Witcher’ creative team reaches 150,000 signatures as critically crippled fantasy prequel leaps for streaming glory

henry cavill the witch

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It would be absurd to think that the controversy surrounding Netflix’s decision to replace Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia with Liam Hemsworth from the fourth season of The Witcher forward is going to die down anytime soon. If anything, fans are even more furious now that they’ve had some time to process the news, and they’re not backing down from wanting to restore their rightful White Wolf come hell or high water.

In other news, a fantasy prequel that all but the most ardent fans of the franchise will soon forget is once again testing its true merit on the streaming scene.

Here’s why Liam Hemsworth was the one to replace Henry Cavill as Geralt

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We could bring ourselves to accept the fact that Henry Cavill just didn’t get along The Witcher team, but who in their blinding brilliance thought it was a good idea to pick Liam Hemsworth, of all people, to replace him after season three? Well, according to a new report from Redanian Intelligence — an outlet that has proven to know and go to The Witcher sat better than his crew – the Hemsworth brother was always a top choice for Geralt.

With Henry Cavill out of the way, it seemed natural to ask him back rather than go through the exhaustive process all over again. Not that the internet seems to approve of the choice, or the change, for that matter.

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Rise of the Lycans rising to the most watched streaming charts

the underworld rise of lycans
Image via Lakeshore Entertainment

Talk about an entry that highlighted why an already overbearing franchise that was hung off its hinges is overstaying its welcome. Rise of the Lycans was supposed to be a breath of fresh air from Kate Beckinsale dressing like a goth millennial and stomping her enemies into oblivion, but the film ended up being even more critically panned than the rest of the film The underworld franchise.

The prequel was also a box office bomb and except for that fact Lycans has somehow managed to cultivate a cult following over the years, it probably doesn’t matter much to be on the best-watched streaming lists either. And yet that is exactly what the film has managed to achieve after all these years. Never a dull moment in the age of streaming, right?

The petition to remove The Witcherits creative team passes 150,000 signatures

Image via Netflix

Given how much Henry Cavill loved The Witcher and its main character Geralt, in particular, the internet simply can’t believe the actor would just up and leave the show mid-stride. And since he made it abundantly clear in the Season 2 promo that he and the production team didn’t get along — mostly because they didn’t see eye to eye when it came to loyalty to the source material — the online community is now demanding that Netflix fire whoever is responsible for Cavill’s exit and brings back the one true Geralt of Rivia.

The petition has just passed 150,000 signatures and is well on its way to reaching 200,000. The ball is in your court now, Netflix. As much as we love the man himself, there’s just no way we can get used to Liam Hemsworth wielding that silver sword and slicing monsters—and people, as often as not—as if he’s been doing it for the last couple of years.

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