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Michael Steele joins Visionary Media Group as VP, Streaming & Digital

Michael Steele joins Visionary Media Group as VP, Streaming & Digital

Michael Steele

Michael Steele has joined Nashville-based Visionary Media Group as Vice President of Streaming & Digital. In his position, he will monitor playlists and digital strategy, and work closely with DSP partners such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music and Soundcloud.

Steele brings over 20 years of experience to his new role, having started in radio broadcasting at the age of 14 in his hometown of Vermillion, South Dakota, and culminated on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles. He went on to launch Indie 103.1 – a station with shows that celebrated the punk revolution in the late 70’s. Most recently, he was senior director of playlist programming and curation for Warner Music Group, where he oversaw playlist strategy and led digital marketing campaigns for recording artists from Warner, Atlantic and Elektra.

“I am honored to be on board the Visionary Media Group. This forward-thinking team represents a diverse list of artists, including Clayton Anderson, Cody Belew, Leigh Nash and ONE Duoen“Steele notes.” Each is completely unique, and Visionary’s approach to nurturing their individual artistry is unlike any other team I’ve ever worked with. It’s incredibly refreshing, and I’m excited to be a part of it. “

“We are proud to welcome Michael Steele to our growing Visionary Media Group team. Not only does he bring playlist experience across a variety of genres, he is a forward-thinking, a leader and approaches every project and every artist campaign with a strong sense of creativity, he says. Anastasia Brown, Head of Content Strategy, Visionary Media Group. “It’s simply impossible to box him in, and we love it! We look forward to developing the artists’ visions when we develop film, TV and documentary projects; all with Michael at our digital helm. ”

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“Michael is a unique addition to our team,” says Visionary Founding Partner, Ron Zamber. “He thinks globally and performs with precision. While he is an experienced, forward-thinking strategist, one of his superpowers is his adaptability. Michael knows how to strike a chord to superservice our digital partners on behalf of our diverse family of artists and projects. Welcome, Michael! “

Nick SciorraVisionary Founding Partner, adds: “It’s rare to find any of Michael’s experience caliber and long-standing relationships, which are so at the forefront of innovative distribution platform trends, that he fits perfectly to lead our uniquely designed content model at Visionary. We are excited to have him on our team and look forward to the magic his leadership will bring to Visionary, its artists and innovators. ”

Steele works from the company’s offices at Music Row, and can be reached at [email protected].

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