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Love and Thunder will flow

Love and Thunder will flow

Thor: Love and thunder is the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie to hit theaters. But if you actually want to hear what the characters are saying in the middle of the crowd screaming what the last part of the Marvel fan service is, you may want to wait for the movie to hit streaming.

Marvel movies have been a mixed bag when it comes to streaming release dates. Some have been available to watch online for quite some time after the first cinema releases, while others have taken much longer. And then there are the hugely popular MCU installments that are still not available on any power service.

However, MCU movies have recently begun to standardize the release plans for streaming. This means that we have a pretty good idea of ​​exactly when and where the fourth Thor film will be streamed.

Where will Thor: Love and thunder flow?

thor 4 disney plus release date
Campaign image for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’ The film is expected to hit Disney + this summer.

With the exception of the movies for which Sony has distribution rights (that is Spider man and Married movies), all Marvel movies come to the same streaming service.

That streamer is Disney +, and Thor: Love and thunder will be yours later this year.

When willThor: Love and thunder current?

Disney + took some time to figure out exactly when MCU movies would be streaming. Black Widow was available at Disney + at the exact same time it hit theaters, while Shang-Chi and Eternals took 71 days and 69 days, respectively. Spider-Man: No Way Homehowever, is not on Disney + because it is a Sony release.

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The last Marvel movie was Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madnesswhich took shorter 47 days.

It seems likely that Disney will now stick to around a 45-day theater window for its MCU releases. Forty-five days is starting to become an industry standard for big blockbusters, with both Paramount and Warner Bros. which releases its major releases to the streaming services Paramount + and HBO Max after that time. Although there are still some exceptions (Tom Cruise is said to lobby to prevent Top Gun: Maverick from getting this window), 45 days is about to become the norm.

Why was Disney +’s Doctor Strange release the window one day longer? Because if a movie is released in theaters on a Friday, 46 days later will fall on a Wednesday – the usual day the content comes out on Disney +.

If Thor: Love and thunder follows this pattern, then we expect Disney + launch date to be Wednesday, August 22, 2022. Like most Disney + releases, the release time is expected to be 3:00 PM ET.

While you wait Love and thunder to stream, Disney + is also the streaming home of the first three Thor Movies (Thor: The Dark World and Ragnarok) and the spin-off series Loki with Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s mischievous brother.

Thor: Love and thunder premieres in US theaters on Friday.

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