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Juggling free streaming TV deals can save you money

Juggling free streaming TV deals can save you money

These free power offers range from seven to 30 days. To participate, power companies require you to add your credit card when you create your account, and if you do not cancel the service in time, your credit card will automatically be charged the membership fee.

If you are planning to juggle, it is important to investigate how to cancel the service. For example, if you registered through an app store or Amazon, you must cancel the service there – and not directly with the streaming service.

“I have some experience signing up for free trial versions of streaming services just to cancel them. However, it is not a perfect strategy and depends on timing – and also on your ability to remember important deadlines,” said Josh Snead, CEO in Rainwalk Pet Insurance, based in Columbia, SC “I would recommend this to anyone who is only interested in a certain movies or series available on a streaming platform and is sure they can be finished in a month.”

Sneed says that recurring charges can quickly increase if you forget to cancel multiple subscriptions, “so it may be helpful to put a reminder on your phone to cancel.”

These streaming services still have free introductory offers.

Amazon Prime: Thirty days free, then $ 15 a month or $ 139 a year (student plans are $ 8 a month and qualified public assistance plans are $ 7 a month.) In addition to video streaming, the Amazon Prime service comes with a host of other benefits, including same-day delivery of certain products , access to video games, digital books, music and generous image storage.

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You can also sign up for Amazon Prime Video-only (no other benefits included) for $ 9 a month by visiting this page, selecting “see more plans” at the bottom of the page, and then clicking the Prime Video tab.

Some streaming services offer free trial versions through Amazon Prime that are not available as standalone apps. For example, Amazon Prime members can get a free seven-day trial of the Starz channel. After the trial period expires, the service costs $ 9 a month. As a standalone service (outside of Amazon), Starz only offers a discount: $ 3 a month for six months, after which the service costs $ 9 a month.

Acorn TV: Fans of UK TV Price can get a seven-day free trial before paying $ 6 a month, or $ 60 a year, for the service.

Apple TV +: Apple’s subscription service has a seven-day free trial before the $ 5 per month subscription starts.

BritBox: Like Acorn TV, BritBox caters to fans of British TV. And like that service, it offers a seven-day free trial before you have to pay for $ 7 a month, or $ 70 per year, subscription.

Discovery +: This new service, which includes content from Discovery properties such as HGTV and TLC plus several new original programs, currently has a seven-day free trial. After that, it costs either $ 5 a month with ads or $ 7 a month without.

Hulu: The Hulus 30-day free trial is among the longest; After that, you pay either $ 6 a month (or $ 60 a year) for the ad-supported service or $ 12 a month for the ad-free version.

Paramount +: Right now, this service, which has replaced ViacomCBS ‘CBS All Access, has a seven-day free trial. After that, the plans start at $ 5 a month.

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Peacock Premium and Premium Plus: You can get the basic Peacock service for free. The ad-supported Premium service costs $ 5 a month and the ad-free version is $ 10 a month. Both provide access to all the content of Peacock, including original series you do not get with the free version. Premium Plus also lets you watch certain applications on a mobile device.

Philo: This cable exchange service offers more than 60 cable-style channels, but no local area network, for only $ 20 a month. It has a seven-day free trial.

YouTube TV: The cable replacement service offers free trials, usually from seven to 14 days, provided you have not previously been a subscriber or participated in a free trial. After the trial period, the service costs $ 65 a month.

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