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Johnny Depp’s film Minamata is coming on stream and soon

Johnny Depp’s film Minamata is coming on stream and soon

Although Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors, the star has not drawn mood through his work lately. He was involved in a legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard for some time, and just a few weeks ago, their controversial defamation case ended, with the verdict falls largely in Depp’s favor. Now, as Depp prepares for a new trial, his last major film he shot, Minamata, has officially set a release date for streaming. And it’s ready to go faster than you might expect.

Minamatadistributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films, will stream home at Hulu (opens in new tab), according to the streamer, and the film will be available to customers from July 8. So subscribers only have a few weeks before they can check out the historical drama. It may not be wild to assume that a significant number of people may be interested in checking it out, given that these are the first films starring Pirates of the Caribbean star that has been dropped for a while. Of course, this notion of the reception on the streamer is pure speculation at this point.

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