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Is Eminem why ‘Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu’ was taken down from streaming services?

Is Eminem why ‘Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu’ was taken down from streaming services?

A few weeks after having viral success, the song “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” has been officially removed from the streaming services. Contrary to popular belief, Eminem did not go after the Peruvian actions of Tito Silva and Tefi C with a lawsuit. Silva decided to remove the song from Spotify because of its political tone.

Silva and Tefi C created “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” from alleged leaked Whatsapp chat conversations between Peruvian president Martin Vizcarra and his alleged girlfriend Zully Pinchi. In the alleged Whatsapp convoy, Pinchi referred to Vizcarra as her “Bebito Fiu Fiu”, where the song was titled.

The difficult part about “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” was that it borrowed the melody from Eminem’s “Stan” and in turn Dido’s “Thank You”, which Eminem sampled. There has been speculation as to whether “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” is considered a parody song that does not have to owe royalties to the owners of the original song. The haters of the viral song hoped that Eminem, Dido or their teams would eventually sue Silva and Tefi C for royalties for “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu”.

“Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” recently went to No. 1 on Spotify’s global Viral 50 chart. Bad Bunny also sang a few lines of the song during his last Instagram livestream. As of last night (July 7), the song has been officially removed from streaming platforms such as Spotify. Silva explained the reason for removing the song in an Instagram post. He said it was more of a personal choice that did not involve a trial.

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“I’ll explain to you what happened,” he said. “First of all, please calm down. We have already had a super cool conversation with the people who manage the rights to the original song. Let’s say this is not about a copyright issue. They understand that it is a parody, but it is a parody with a Peruvian political context, and I imagine that it may give them some discomfort. I understand that and I share the concern. And for that reason, the song is no longer available on streaming platforms, and I also decided to remove it from my social networks. “

With all the exposure he got from “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu”, Silva added that the song’s success has inspired him to continue with his music. “In any case, there is no trial or anything like that. All this for me is an apprenticeship and a starting point for doing much bigger things, he concluded.

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