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How to watch Thor 4

How to watch Thor 4

Marvel Studios’ long-awaited epic Thor: Love and thunder is set to shoot in theaters on July 8, and the excitement from the fans is palpable. Directed by Taika Waititi, the film follows Chris Hemsworth’s Thor as he reunites with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) to take down the deadly Gorr the God Butcher (played by The Dark KnightChristian Bale). Although many fans will rush to the cinema to see the film as early as possible, some are wondering when it will be available on streaming.

Although the theaters are largely open and functioning normally, some fans are rightly concerned about returning to an indoor room. As such, they may feel that the safest option is to wait until it comes to Disney +. In the past, it was more difficult to predict when a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie would come to streaming due to the inconsistent contracts and agreements between Disney and third-party platforms such as Netflix. Now that Disney has its own platform, these release windows are a little more consistent or at least comparable. With every single phase four movie available for streaming, it’s possible to look at their individual release windows to estimate when Thor: Love and thunder will be available.

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While Black Widow went straight to streaming as part of Disney +’s premier access program, it only stayed there for 30 days. After the release date of July 9, it did not arrive permanently on the streamer until October 6 – a full 89 days afterwards. Both Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings and Eternals arrived a little earlier, around 70 days apiece. Surprising, Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness hit streaming after just 42 days.

This is a wide but ultimately declining range of shutter release windows. Thor: Love and thunder will probably not exceed Black Widow89 days, so that the rough window can be between 19 August (42 days) and 5 October (89 days). The safest bet would be somewhere around 70 days, which would make it arrive on 16 September. Potentially, it could follow the steadily declining trend and come out before August 19, making it the shortest release window yet.

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At the very least, the film must be in theaters for two to four weeks to approach maximum profit, so do not expect a new dramatic reduction in the release period. Although fans will probably have to wait until the end of the summer to watch (or watch again) Thor: Love and thunder at Disney +, it’s exciting to make these movies more accessible to fans who love them.

To capture Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters, the MCU movie is coming out on July 8th.

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