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How to start streaming on YouTube | The Guardian Nigeria News

How to start streaming on YouTube |  The Guardian Nigeria News

YouTube is an incredible platform for creating a loyal and engaged audience that feels personally connected to you. If you want to take personal interaction with your audience to the next level, consider adding live streaming to your YouTube strategy.

When you stream on YouTube, you can interact with your audience in real time, answer questions and comments directly, and let them interact with you without censorship. Also, it’s a great way to expand your audience on YouTube and gain the trust of your subscribers.

Step 1: Go directly to YouTube

You’ll probably want to start your live broadcasts, but before clicking ‘Go Live’ you need to make sure your channel meets YouTube’s live requirements.

First you need to validate your channel via phone number (this can take up to 24 hours) and make sure it does not violate live broadcast restrictions. You must also ensure that your live stream content complies with the Community Guidelines.

Step 2: Schedule and prepare for the live broadcast

Schedule the format of your live broadcast, which is usually available in several types:

  • Presentation / Demonstration
  • Lessons and learning (interactive)
  • Questions and answers discussion
  • Interview with a guest
  • Live broadcast of the match

How are you going to add value to your channel and audience? To resolve this issue, answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your live broadcast?
  • What does the audience get from seeing it?
  • Will viewers who missed the live broadcast enjoy watching the video later?

Plan key pointsWrite down specific topics you want to cover during your live broadcast.

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Call for action; What do you want your viewers to do after watching your show?

SEO; Just like any regular YouTube video, do not forget to optimize your video for SEO. This means you need to do some research and plan the title, description and labels.

Choose the best time to go live. To find the best time to start, you should check YouTube Analytics to see when most of your subscribers are connected. If possible, you can even ask the audience to find out what time they prefer (which is also a good way to find out what topics they want to cover).

Step 3: Promote your live broadcast before it begins

You have now scheduled your live broadcast. The next step is to market it in advance to get people interested. Here are some tactics to help you do just that.

Buy YouTube views for your power in advance. Yes, yes, it is also important! Extra viewers will never be superfluous, especially if they are real people. If your topic or channel attracts them, they would like to become subscribers.

Schedule a live broadcast in advance; This allows people to set reminders and free up time to watch.

Make a trailer; you can make a quick trailer for your live stream and put that video in the “welcome video” track on your youtube channel.

Encourage your subscribers to turn on alerts; this means that every time you go on YouTube they will get a notification.

Market the broadcast to other channels; Be sure to spread the word to other social channels and through your email list to be interested. You can easily create posts and stories for your social profiles with a tool like Placeit, Crello or Canva.

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Step 4: Checklist before the live broadcast

No matter what platform you use for streaming, whether it is a mobile device, computer or live streaming software, you should always check the following before clicking “go live”:

Make sure there is nothing distracting or confidential in the background.

Set the lighting correctly to be seen well.

Make sure you do not interrupt the live broadcast, for example, put your mobile phone in silent mode and do not forget to charge the battery.

Is your live broadcast available? If you have more than 10 thousand subscribers, you can activate automatic direct subtitling.

To make money on YouTube, make sure your livelihoods have enabled revenue generation (such as ads).

Step 5: Engage the audience

The success of any live broadcast will be due to a combination of factors, including preparation and topic, but most importantly the way you engage your audience during and after the live broadcast.

Here are some ways to keep your audience afloat:

Provide a brief summary from time to time for viewers who join your live broadcast at different times.

Give viewers a reason to stay, such as being rewarded with some important insights at the end of the show, or the chance to get a direct answer to their questions.

Show the audience that you appreciate their support by occasionally saying hello to some members of the audience.

Be sure to include a chat room and participate in discussions. You can even use what’s happening in the chat room to discuss topics live for more engagement.

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Promote your live stream on YouTube in the same way as other videos to attract new viewers (and potential subscribers).

Step 6. Analyze

The final step is to analyze the performance of your live broadcast to see if it was successful. To understand this, you should look at your YouTube analysis and answer the following questions:

  • Did the topic of the live broadcast attract viewers?
  • How long did people stay? (What was the average viewing time?)
  • Which parts of the live broadcast received the most response? (questions, comments, etc.)
  • Did the live broadcast attract new subscribers?
  • What was the demographics of your viewers?

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your connection with your audience, expand your audience on YouTube or position yourself as an expert in your industry, live streaming on YouTube may be a good option for you.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be well on your way to creating engaging live broadcasts and gaining loyal subscribers to your channel.

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