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DroneSense enables live video streaming for DJI M30, M30T drone

DroneSense enables live video streaming for DJI M30, M30T drone

DroneSense has announced that its live video software now supports DJI’s new Matrice 30 (M30) and Matrice 30 Thermal (M30T) business drone systems.

DroneSense’s drone management and collaboration platform is tailored specifically for the unique needs of public safety agencies; it tracks all mobile and live drone video feeds during a mission on a map and displays them on a common screen. The flight app gives drone operators access to all relevant telemetry data, including altitude (MSL, AGL and height above terrain (HAT)), speed, relative drone position and orientation to the pilot, and gimbal angle. Remote team leaders, meanwhile, can use the platform to request control from the ground pilot and steer the drone to a target with near-zero latency.

Not surprisingly, many organizations are looking to DroneSense as a complete resource and risk management tool for public safety agencies. And just like DroneSense, DJI’s new business drones also unlock powerful features for first-timers.

The $9,341 DJI M30 launched in March 2022 to show that a compact, foldable drone—one that can fit into a backpack—can also offer performance that you’d normally expect from much larger platforms like the M300 RTK.

The M30 integrates a 48 MP 1/2-inch CMOS sensor zoom camera with 5×~16× optical and 200× digital zoom, a 12 MP wide-angle camera, 8k photo 4K/30 fps video resolution and a laser rangefinder that can provide the exact coordinates of objects up to 1200 meters away. The other variant, the M30T, comes with an additional 640×512 px radiometric thermal camera, making it particularly attractive for law enforcement, firefighting and emergency services.

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Christopher Eyhorn, co-founder and CEO of DroneSense, says:

Integrating the new DJI M30 series drones into our software was important for our first responder customers to improve their operations. We quickly implemented support for this aircraft, becoming the first software platform dedicated to public safety that provides all the benefits these drones have to offer.

Support for the DJI M30 series is also available on Axon Air powered by DroneSense platforms.

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