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Disguised Toast explains why streaming on YouTube is “harder” than Twitch

Disguised Toast explains why streaming on YouTube is “harder” than Twitch

The popular streamer Disguised Toast surprisingly claimed that streaming on YouTube is “more difficult” than on Twitch, given how much of a battle it is to succeed on the Google-owned platform. When you watch YouTube vs. Twitch streaming, there are many aspects to compare between the two.

While Twitch remains the dominant platform in most areas, YouTube is slowly closing the gap, increasingly heating up and hyping up their rivalry.

With Valkyrae, Dr. Disrespect, Sykkuno and LilyPichu on board, the red platform has already attracted a large part of Twitch’s high-profile streamer list. Numerous popular Twitch streamers have made the ultimate decision to switch platforms either for money or for independence over content.

Disguised Toast explains why it’s tougher to be a good YouTuber than to stream on Twitch

Live streaming has become one of the most popular and largest markets on the internet. But in a furious attempt to go viral, many streamers struggled with the change of platform and its relevant algorithm

In the midst of the ongoing saga of YouTube vs. Twitch, the community recently saw another change. Popular Twitch streamer LilyPichu left the purple platform for YouTube after a decade. Now, after the big decision, Disguised Toast briefly explained the difference between working on different platforms. He also claimed that it is tougher to thrive on YouTube than to succeed on Twitch

Disguised Toast recently appeared on the Offline TV podcast with fellow host Scarra and guest anime expert Gigguk.

While discussing the ongoing platform change and how streaming has become one of the most popular professional avenues during the pandemic, Disguised Toast addressed the major differences between the two primary streaming platforms, Twitch and YouTube.

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According to the Taiwanese-Canadian streamer, it is a little “harder” to understand YouTube’s algorithm than Twitch. That’s not all, he further emphasized that YouTube has better work ethic:

“Yes streaming has definitely been higher lately, but I still want to say that it’s harder to be a good YouTuber than it is to be a good streamer. I have more respect for YouTubers than I have streamers, but maybe that’s because I’m in this room. “

Download added:

“What I love about YouTube is that I find it more rewarding to be creatively satisfying. I feel like each video can be unique and cool, and I feel like it’s harder to do with streaming.”

Given that Twitch is a dedicated streaming platform, while YouTube is built for different types of content, including vlogs, short videos and long format features, the latter’s algorithm seems much more intricate.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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