Director discusses HBO Murdaugh docuseries, now streaming

Director discusses HBO Murdaugh docuseries, now streaming

HAMPTON COUNTY, SC (WCBD) – The HBO Max documentary series chronicling the rise and fall of a once-powerful legal dynasty in Hampton County premiered Thursday.

“Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty” digs deeper into the crimes of Alex Murdaugh, the Murdaugh family’s influence on society, and what the victims have to say about how things unraveled.

“It’s a story about a lot of small towns that have a prominent figure who can do whatever he wants,” co-director Daniel Sivan said in an interview with News 2’s sister station, WSAV. Sivan co-directed the project with his wife, Mor Loushy.

He said that while the story may play out like a TV drama, he wants people to understand the danger that arises when power and corruption go unchecked.

“I want people to not look at it because it’s so sexy to look at this killer, but question our system that creates this privilege,” Sivan said. “And privilege is dangerous, and changing the system will be very painful.”

The series brings in people close to the Murdaughs, including some of those involved in the many crimes or tragedies in the family’s trajectory.

“Our contributors were extremely brave,” Sivan said. “They took very big risks because until now the Murdaughs could allegedly wipe you off the map politically or financially if you spoke against them.”

The series has also spoken to legal experts and journalists close to the case. WCBD and WSAV were contributors to the series.

While the story has captivated the public who have followed the case closely, Sivan wants to make it clear that the documentary does not intend to draw any kind of conclusion.

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“Our job as documentary filmmakers is to bring the facts. We are not a jury, we are not judges of the situation. The public must decide, but the public must also understand that we do not yet have all the facts at hand.”

Rather, Sivan saw his job as asking the “very troubling questions” that the case led to.

Sivan also said that while the Murdaughs are at the center of the story, they shouldn’t be the main focus. Instead, the focus should be on the victims, whom Sivan called the real heroes.

“We felt it was important not to make it a true crime that was a profile of a perpetrator,” said Sivan of his Campfire Studios team. “You see so many of them out there. ‘Dahmer’ for example. It shows the perpetrator. For us, the real heroes are the victims and the people who have suffered over the years.”

WSAV’s Andrew Davis spoke exclusively with Daniel Sivan, the director of HBO’s documentary on Alex Murdaugh. Watch the full interview above.

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