Dakota Spotlight ‘House on Sweet and Seventh’ documentary available on streaming service – InForum

Dakota Spotlight ‘House on Sweet and Seventh’ documentary available on streaming service – InForum

Forum Communications’ Emmy Award-winning documentary, “The House on Sweet and Seventh,” is now available to stream from your big screen through Tubi, with plans for multi-platform availability in the near future.

The true crime documentary, which tells the twisted story of a 1986 Bismarck double murder, takes viewers on a terrifying journey into how the crime was committed – and how the case was pieced together and solved by detectives.

Barbara and Gordon Erickstad were brutally murdered in their Bismarck home by their 18-year-old son, Brian Erickstand, along with at least one accomplice, 27-year-old Robert Lawrence. Central to the case – and the documentary – are the questions: Who was present at the time of the murder, and who knew that the crime had been committed by Brian Erickstand and Robert Lawrence?

The answer is likely to overwhelm viewers.

Interviews with those who were present at the time of the horrific crime, along with insights from investigators, paint the picture of a tight-knit group of friends who put loyalty above morality.

Its creator, Dakota Spotlight podcast host James Wolner, first told the story through a six-part series on the Dakota Spotlight podcast. Based on the series, the documentary was made with WDAY photographer Derek Fletcher. While the video started out as bonus content for podcast listeners, Wolner and Fletcher quickly realized they were capturing something special.

“Derek and I, from the very beginning, worked really well together,” Wolner said. “We had the same vision, ideas and passion. He is an excellent photographer.”

The collaboration and storytelling led to the 2021 Regional Emmy Award, after it aired on WDAY.

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Now, with it available on Tubi, podcast listeners—and all those interested in true crime—can stream it for free on the Tubi app.

The documentary’s debut on Tubi comes after behind-the-scenes work by those at Forum Communications to create and deliver content across a range of platforms. Jim Manney, director of video content at Forum Communications, has been working with interested parties to make the documentary available through streaming services.

He says the documentary’s availability on Tubi is just the beginning. It is planned to be available on several streaming platforms.

“The availability of ‘The House on Sweet and Seventh’ on prominent streaming services aligns with Forum Communications’ goal of delivering great content on platforms that serve our audiences,” Manney said.

Tubi is a free streaming service available for download on smart TVs and Roku.

To listen to the podcast series on which the documentary was based, visit this page.

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