CBS is moving a fan-favorite show to streaming mid-season

CBS is moving a fan-favorite show to streaming mid-season

The Real Love Boat is leaving CBS and moving exclusively to Paramount+.

By Douglas Helm | Published

Fans of the CBS reality series The real love boat will need to get a Paramount+ account if they want to continue watching, as the show will transition to streaming from now on. The series originally aired on CBS on Wednesdays, but the show will now only air new episodes on the streaming platform. (via Variety ) reported that the change will begin with the upcoming fifth episode, coming to Paramount+ on November 2.

The real love boat is a reality show inspired by the scripted series from the 1970s The love boat. The reality series follows singles on a cruise looking for love through various challenges and dates set up on their journey. The captain and crew director are involved in the matchmaking aspect, with Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell.

The winners of The real love boat wins a cash prize and gets to go on another cruise together after the series is over. If you want to check out the series, the first four episodes are also available for streaming. This way you can be caught up before the newest episode hits Paramount+.

The real love boat was kicked to Paramount+ due to some pretty lackluster ratings, becoming the least-watched CBS primetime series this fall. The series only managed to pull in 1.9 million same-day viewers with on-demand and DVR viewing bringing the show up to around 2.59 million viewers. Apparently, those numbers just weren’t enough to keep the show afloat and convince CBS to keep airing it in prime time.

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the true love boat
From The real love boat

While millions of viewers may seem like a lot, it’s not good for a primetime slot. Especially a primetime slot that airs immediately after the popular reality series Survivor. It doesn’t seem like people wanted to keep the TV on to watch The real love boat after new episodes of Survivor.

To give you an idea of ​​how significant the viewer loss is, Survivor brought in around 4.8 million viewers. The new concept The real love boat managed to hold the attention of about 2.4 million viewers when it premiered, but the drop to under 2 million was enough to convince CBS to pull the show. At least those who watch the reality series on Paramount+ can also watch the series that inspired it, which The love boat is also available on the platform.

To fill in the missing slot The real love boat leaves behind, CBS moves up The amazing race to fill the gap between 10:00 PM and 9:00 PM ET/PT. The amazing race has also seen some drops in the ratings, so it could be a good move for CBS to put the series right behind Survivor and strengthens reality’s primetime block. To fill the time that is left The amazing raceCBS will air repeats of drama series.

We’ll have to wait and see The real love boat are able to find a little more interest in streaming. If not, it wouldn’t be surprising if CBS decides to remove it entirely. Be sure to tune into Paramount+ this Wednesday if you want to catch the next episode.

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