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Bally Sports+ can solve your regional TV sports streaming problem

Bally Sports+ can solve your regional TV sports streaming problem

For sports fans, one of the more frustrating experiences is paying a streaming TV company $70 per month only to find out you can’t watch the Braves game in Atlanta because the channel that carries the team’s games isn’t included in your package.

There are many benefits to cutting the cord at the cable company and choosing the world of streaming TV. But access to live games for your local professional baseball, basketball or hockey team is not one of them.

Live streaming TV services, such as YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV and Sling, offer lower subscription costs for many popular channels that cable companies offer, but one of the gaps in their offerings is regional sports networks (RSNs). Most cable and satellite companies have contracts in place to broadcast RSNs, and most streaming services do not.

Bally Sports+ may soon solve this problem for many streamers across the country. And in some markets, work has already begun!

Bally Sports is a product of the Sinclair Broadcasting group. It owns regional sports broadcasting rights for many MLB, NHL and NBA teams across the United States. And it has launched its own streaming service that will allow consumers to pay to access games in their local markets without having a cable or live streaming TV subscription. All you need to do is download an app.

The service, called Bally Sports+, was soft-launched in selected markets in the summer of 2022. The aim is for the service to be available to all customers by autumn.

Let’s look at the details of this new service to see if there is anything that can save you money while still giving you access to the games of your favorite team.

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What is Bally Sports+?

Bally Sports+ is an independent streaming subscription service that will offer access to live broadcasts of local sporting events, including professional baseball, basketball and hockey.

Customers will be able to pay for access to games in their local markets without requiring a cable, satellite or live streaming TV subscription.

Bally Sports will achieve this by charging streamers for access to their respective regional sports networks (RSNs) as a la carte purchases rather than through a bundled service or package.

This is a response to consumer demand. As more viewers have fled long-term cable or satellite TV contracts, they have been displeased to find that they cannot watch local sports on live TV streaming services because these companies do not have contracts in place to broadcast these RSNs one.

Which teams will be available on Bally Sports+?

As of August 1, 2022, Bally Sports+ is still in the “soft launch” phase in selected markets.

It is currently available as a beta version in five introductory markets: Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Milwaukee and Tampa Bay.

In total, Bally Sports RSNs hold the broadcast rights to 42 professional baseball, basketball and hockey teams. These are grouped into 18 different Bally Sports RSNs.

You can look for your favorite teams, their associated Bally RSNs and their approximate coverage area on the map below.

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Bally Sports Regional Map

Although they are at different stages of the rollout process, based on different contractual obligations to teams, leagues and markets, it is expected that most of these teams’ matches will eventually be available for streaming through Bally Sports+.

Bally Sports says it expects “full launch to be available to fans in all Bally Sports markets beginning fall 2022 with NBA and NHL content.”

It is important to note that a subscription to this service gives you access only to teams within your local RSN market.

How much does Bally Sports+ cost?

Bally Sports+ has both monthly and annual pricing options available in its soft launch markets.

An example of the pricing structure they use in Florida as of August 2022:

Type of subscription Price
Monthly $19.99 per month
Annual $190 one time payment

Consumers can save $50 per year by committing to a full year up front instead of going month-to-month, but is that the smart play?

It probably depends on the local market you live in and how many teams are part of your Bally Sports RSN.

The baseball season runs from March to October, while hockey and basketball usually run from October to April. So you may wish to see games throughout all 12 months in your market.

But if you’re just a fan of the baseball team in your market, you might find better value in going month-to-month with your subscription to avoid paying for months you don’t watch the streaming service.

Remember that this price only gives you broadcasts for teams that are within the coverage area of ​​your local RSN. If you’re a Braves fan in California, you’re not going to get the RSN feed for Bally Sports Southeast. You’ll have to pay for MLB.TV to watch the Braves as an out-of-market team instead.

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When will Bally Sports+ be available?

As I mentioned earlier, Bally Sports+ is available in five test markets right now. The aim is for all 18 of the Bally Sports RSNs to be available on the service by sometime in autumn 2022.

It would be in time to enjoy the upcoming NBA and NHL seasons, but that means many baseball fans may have to wait until the 2023 season to gain access.

You can easily find out if Bally Sports+ is available in your market by visiting the website and entering your zip code.

Bally Sports+ Postcode Finder
Bally Sports+ Postcode Finder

What if my favorite teams are not on a Bally Sports affiliate?

If you’re a fan of a local team that doesn’t have games broadcast on a Bally Sports affiliate, Bally Sports+ won’t be of much help to you.

Some teams, such as the New York Yankees (YES Network) and the Chicago Cubs (Marquee Sports Network), have their own channels. Other teams’ games are broadcast on RSNs owned by companies other than Bally Sports. NBC Sports, AT&T Sportsnet and ROOT Sports are other popular RSN brands.

Some of these are available via live streaming TV subscriptions.

Team Clark has a streaming channel chart and channel finder tool to help you find the right streaming service for your non-Bally RSN.

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