Australians spent $ 8 billion on streaming and gaming in 2021: PwC

Australians spent $ 8 billion on streaming and gaming in 2021: PwC

Australians spent more than $ 8 billion on streaming and gaming last year when prolonged COVID-19 restrictions across states such as NSW and Victoria led people to opt for entertainment at home.

New data released today in PwC’s 2022 Australian Media and Entertainment Outlook states that households on average had around 2.6 TV streaming services in 2021 and spent around $ 40 per month to ensure they had access to programs such as. Follow, Bridgerton and Yellowstone. More than 75 per cent of households paid for at least one electricity service last year, a figure that is expected to increase to 80 per cent by the end of this year.

Australians spent nearly $ 4.5 billion on power services in 2021.

Australians spent nearly $ 4.5 billion on power services in 2021.Credit:Aimee Spinks / BBCAmerica, Liam Daniel / Netflix, Apple TV +

PwC Australia director and Australian Entertainment and Media Outlook editor Dan Robins said people used the sector to alleviate boredom. “When personal events return, these expenses are likely to expand along with habits around subscriptions, games and access to content that are likely to hold,” he said.

“It was generally believed that consumers saved savings and consumption spending may have been down, given that personal incidents still only return steadily and crowds return through the end of 2021 and into 2022, this is certainly not the case.”

Australians spent a total of $ 4.4 billion on subscription streaming services last year, compared to $ 1.1 billion on news media, $ 1.2 billion on music and $ 353 million on magazines.

The majority of people, according to the Roy Morgan survey quoted by PwC, watched Netflix. Foxtel and the streaming services Binge and Kayo Sports are the second most watched (reaching around 7.1 million inhabitants). Services like Amazon Prime, Stan and Disney + are typically seen by over 4 million Australians a month. Nine Entertainment Co. owns Stan and Sydney Morning Herald and Aging.

Australians spent $ 3.6 billion on video games. Most of the money spent on the media and entertainment sector was on internet access – $ 31.6 billion – which became crucial for people while working from home. The growth in consumption contributed to an annual increase of $ 510 in the amount of money the typical household spent on entertainment and media ($ 4,500, up 12 percent in pre-pandemic times). This brought total spending on media and entertainment in 2021 to $ 45.6 billion.

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Subscription and advertising-supported platforms broke ranking records in the last two years with people spending more time at home. Australian media companies are lobbying the federal government to introduce regulation that will make it easier for audiences to find local streaming apps on smart TV. The TV broadcasters believe this will be the key to driving growth for the sector in the future.

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