Apple TV+ increases prices: Is the streaming service still worth your money?

Apple TV+ increases prices: Is the streaming service still worth your money?

Apple has confirmed that it will increase the prices of Apple TV+ from 1 December. With that, we’ll take a look at whether Apple TV+ is still worth your money.

Considering the amount of content available on Apple TV+, there are many factors to consider when deciding whether the new $6.99 per month is worth the price of entry.

Apple TV+ raises prices: Is the streaming service still worth it?

While reports circulated that Apple was looking to raise the price of the streaming service, those who already subscribe more than likely received this email:

Apple Raises Prices In TextNov2022
Apple TV+ notifies subscribers via email that the price of Apple TV+ will increase.

In addition, Deadline reports that the annual subscription will jump from $49.99 to $69.99 as well. With the streaming service announcing that it will increase its prices, today we will look at what this price increase means for subscribers.

Is the streaming service still worth your money? I would argue yes, but with a caveat.

Content across streaming services

First, when it comes to Apple TV+, the streaming service is looking more and more into the world of sports. Those who watch the sport will have to decide for themselves whether Apple TV+ is worth their money. As someone who only passively enjoys them, my argument doesn’t factor Apple’s new sports addition into the equation.

Apple has announced that Apple TV+ will now cost an additional $2, bringing the total to $6.99 per month. While certainly not expensive, this news may shock some subscribers or audiences who already believe that Apple TV+ lacks content. Although these complaints seem to be dying down, they are likely to bubble up again with the new price increase.

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However, I would argue that Apple TV+ isn’t lacking in content, but it could potentially be short well known contents. Considering that the service primarily focuses on Apple’s original movies and series, it is unlikely that the audience will find their favorite well-known shows on the streaming service. However, audiences are likely to find new favorite shows thanks to the streaming service.

Look across generations, advertise and increase the price

Of course, this also only applies to content intended for adults. When it comes to family and children’s programming, Apple seems to be doing a fantastic job with this market. Announcing a range of family content back in August, those with children, or those who enjoy children’s programming, are sure to find plenty of good reasons to keep Apple TV+.

While I would argue that content isn’t a problem for the streaming service, the fact that Apple is looking more towards advertising on TV+ potentially is. According to reports back in mid-October, Apple TV+ is holding “exploratory discussions” with several media agencies.

Now, Apple TV+ adding a free ad-supported subscription can only be a good thing. Giving users a chance to access Apple TV+ content for the price of watching commercials is a smart move. However, Apple raising prices and then forcing advertising within the paid model seems like a disastrous move. Although this seems quite unlikely, nothing is off the table at the moment when it comes to advertising.

Of course, Apple TV+ already has ads with its programming to some extent. However, this is for its own programming, which I don’t think is a problem. Also remember that I’m not talking about sports in this editorial, so Friday night baseball having advertising is an argument for another day. (That’s MLB’s commercial.) Some people have strong opinions about Apple’s advertising of its own programming, and I can see why, to an extent. However, I don’t see this as a dealbreaker. The ads are pretty easy to skip, and since Apple focuses heavily on original programming, those who don’t write about it can know what’s coming soon.

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Looking for other streaming services

For now, I think Apple raising the price of TV+ is not a big deal. For $6.99 a month, there’s a ton of content that makes the price justifiable. Of course, those with families, or for those who really appreciate children’s programming, $6.99 a month is practically a bargain. What Apple does about advertising, however, is the big question. Seeing ads on top of paying $6.99 a month is simply asking too much of the audience. Again, that’s unlikely to be the case, but always anticipate the worst, so I’m told.

Also, while I think there’s a lot of content on Apple TV+, I’m not sure how much higher Apple can raise the price before it’s no longer worth it. With what’s currently available on Apple TV+, I think $8.99 or even $9.99 might be too much for the streaming service.

One last thing to consider is the price of other streaming services. Considering that Netflix just made its ad-supported subscription tier the same price as the new Apple TV+ price, this could ultimately spell trouble for Cupertino. While I personally like Apple TV+ more than Netflix, Apple just can’t keep up with Netflix’s incredibly large library. At least not yet.

To further complicate matters, the cheapest Disney+ subscription is just a dollar more than Apple TV+, and it gives audiences access to the Disney IP behemoth. If you go for the $13.99 plan, streamers can bundle Hulu and ESPN+ along with Disney+. Considering that it’s quite popular to subscribe to multiple services, it seems like more bang for the buck for the audience to pair Netflix with the Disney+ combo. Ultimately, this could be a real problem for Apple, and something to consider: what would you pair with Apple TV+?

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Apple TV+ is worth the price for now

Right now, I think Apple TV+ is still worth the price of entry. Audiences willing to take a chance on almost entirely original programming will find plenty to enjoy on Apple TV+. Of course, sports fans can make their own decisions about whether or not Friday night baseball or Major League Soccer is worth it to them. For families, I’d still argue that Apple TV+ is a definite win. However, I can also see my answer changing if Apple TV+ were to go through with advertising at a paid subscription level. I just don’t think Apple has the content for it. . . yet.

Ultimately, I think it will come down to what Apple plans to do with advertising on TV+, if anything. For $6.99 per month, audiences still get access to a wealth of great content.

What do you think? Do you think the new price of Apple TV+ is worth it? Let us know in the comments.

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