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Apogee ResNet and video streaming will keep World Games 2022 athletes connected at Birmingham-Southern College and the University of Alabama in Birmingham

Apogee ResNet and video streaming will keep World Games 2022 athletes connected at Birmingham-Southern College and the University of Alabama in Birmingham

AUSTIN, Texas & BIRMINGHAM, Ala .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Nearly 5,000 athletes and coaches participating in The World Games 2022 (TWG 2022) events in Birmingham, Ala., July 7 to July 17, will live on the campuses of Birmingham-Southern College (BSC) and the University of Alabama and Birmingham (UAB). When they check in on BSC and UAB campus residential facilities, they will also check in on reliable high-speed, high-bandwidth ResNet Wi-Fi and video streaming services and support from Apogee, a leader in managed technology services whose only focus is higher education.

BSC hosts TWG 2022 participants in eight campus facilities in the Residential Quad. BSC also hosts several TWG 2022 sporting events: three martial arts events, a fistball event (similar to volleyball), and orienteering, a sport that combines racing with navigation through a specific route. UAB hosts participants in seven residential facilities referred to as Athlete Village. UAB also hosts lacrosse and racquetball events during TWG 2022.

Apogee has been a BSC and UAB partner for providing Wi-Fi and streaming video services for student residents for many years. Apogee experts have worked closely with campus IT and housing teams at both institutions to prepare to deliver the same services to practitioners and trainers participating in TWG 2022. Apogee representatives will work with campus staff on-site and remotely to help guests log in to BSC and UAB’s residential network, connect to their wireless devices and receive 24/7 Apogee support throughout TWG 2022.

“Apogee is honored to work with BSC and UAB executives to ensure that The World Games 2022 athletes and coaches have a positive experience on their campuses and in the city of Birmingham,” said Scott Drossos, CEO of Apogee. “We know that participants are under extreme pressure to perform to the best of their ability and how important it is for them to keep in touch with friends and family around the world and get real-time updates on the competition. As a provider of world-class managed technology services, we also go for the gold in delivering exceptional Wi-Fi and video streaming experiences. We are ready to meet the connection needs of all TWG 2022 participants living in the BSC and UAB houses. ”

Marc Booker, CEO of Student Housing and Dining at UAB, commented: “Our UAB Housing and IT teams have worked with Apogee to prepare for The World Games 2022. We are eager to support TWG 2022 athletes and coaches below what we know will be a high energy, high anxiety time. We know they will rely on the internet to stream competition highlights and stay in touch with teammates, family and friends. ”

Located in downtown Birmingham, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is an internationally recognized, public doctoral research university and the only accredited school of public health in Alabama. The institution was founded in 1859 and became a fully autonomous university in the University of Alabama System in 1969. It has a student population of over 22,500, of which 42.5 percent are from underrepresented groups. UAB has been an Apogee partner since 2014.

Birmingham-Southern is honored to be a part of the 2022 World Games as an arena for competitions and as a “home away from home” for athletes and coaches living in residences in Athlete Village, says David M. Eberhardt, Ed.D. ., Vice President of Student Development at BSC. “Our IT staff has worked closely with Apogee to prepare our guests, and everything has gone smoothly. During the academic year, our residential buildings are trending towards high computer use, and feedback from students is very positive, so I am sure that our visitors will be quite happy with Wi-Fi and the power services. ”

Birmingham-Southern College (BSC) is a four-year, private liberal arts institution founded in 1856 and affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Just three miles from Birmingham city center, BSC has 1,883 students from 34 states and nine countries, and 90 percent of the students live on campus. BSC has been an Apogee partner since 2004.

About Apogee

Established in Austin in 1999, Apogee is a leading provider of managed technology services that enable colleges and universities to innovate to enrich the campus experience and promote student vitality. Uniquely positioned to serve higher education, Apogee supports a community of more than one million students and administrators at nearly 400 colleges and universities across the country. The company’s comprehensive managed portfolio of services includes managed campus networks, residential networks (ResNet), campus engagement and video. Visit Apogee at

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