An iconic horror film is trending on streaming

An iconic horror film is trending on streaming

Interestingly, an iconic horror film from the 1980s seems to have managed to reach trending status on the streaming service HBO Max. This particular film, also known as Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, has entered the top ten most viewed films on the platform. Fans will recognize the film as an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. And although he has his critics along with many of the fans, The Shining is clearly still remembered as an iconic and beloved piece of horror cinema.

Actual, The Shining was even referenced in Mike Flanagan’s 2019 sequel Doctor sleep. Although the film is an adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel to his own version of The Shining, Flanagan went to great lengths to include Kubrick’s version of the story as well. This meant that the Overlook Hotel still stood for the film’s third act – while it was destroyed in King’s original novel and as such did not traditionally appear in Doctor sleep book. There are also several scenes from Kubrick’s version that were remade for Doctor sleep and a few images that were directly reused for the sequel.

And in the same way, The Shining was also referenced in Steven Spielberg’s hit film Ready Player One. A massive sequence from the film reused footage from The Shining and placed the characters directly into events from the film. It shows that even today’s cinemagoers are well aware of the film and its many iconic elements. From the creepy Grady sisters to the elevator full of blood, there are many aspects that are too easy to recognize.

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Now, however, with The Shining itself trending on the HBO Max streaming service – it’s clear that audiences still love the original iconic horror film. The slow-burn horror film has retained its place in many conversations over the decades, with many fans attempting to analyze the film and its complex production history. It’s a legendary status that only other massive horror films enjoy Texas chainsaw massacre or Halloween ever achieved. Of course, there are still quite a few Stephen King adaptations that have also achieved such accolades. Actual IT films in recent years have become global box office successes that rebranded Pennywise as a modern horror icon himself.

Although it is clear that Jack Nicholson’s version of Jack Torrance will always have a place in the genre. And as audiences continue to rewatch the film or discover it for the first time via streaming, it’s clear that The Shining will remain a classic for many years to come. Hopefully the lesser-appreciated sequel Doctor sleep will one day find a similar level of success.

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