A disappointing Tom Hanks sequel is now streaming on Netflix

A disappointing Tom Hanks sequel is now streaming on Netflix

The Tom Hanks film Angels & Demons is now on Netflix.

By Scylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Angels and demonsthe sequel to The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks, is now streaming on Netflix, and moviegoers are feeling indifferent about it. Although Tom Hanks is a household name and probably one of the best actors Hollywood has ever seen, not all of his movies are superstars. In fact, Tom Hanks himself has said that he has only made four good films in his entire career, and The Da Vinci Code series is not among them.

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Angels and demons is the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s book of the same title. The film is a sequel to another The Da Vinci Code movie, though Angels and demons The book is actually a prequel to the book series.

The film follows Robert Langdon (played by Hanks), a Harvard symbologist who discovers the rise of the Illuminati and flies to Rome to warn the Vatican. He teams up with an Italian scientist and, as in the first film, must solve a series of cryptic and symbolic clues to prevent a deadly plot against the Catholic Church.

Tom Hanks stars in both films, and the trilogy’s finale, Hell. IN Angels and demonsHanks is joined by Ayelet Zurer, who plays the Italian scientist, and Ewan McGregor, who plays Camerlengo Patrick McKenna, the film’s main antagonist. The film was directed by Ron Howard and produced by Howard, John Calley and Brian Grazer.

Initially, the role of Camerlengo was offered to Leonardo DiCaprio by Tom Hanks himself, but DiCaprio turned the role down. Despite not being the original actor considered for the role, McGregor ended up portraying the Camerlengo perfectly. In fact, during the sequence where the Camerlengo tells the Cardinals about the Illuminati, Howard wanted to split the scene into several segments to help McGregor with his lines. However, McGregor insisted he could do it in one go, so Howard let him try. The ceiling was so good that no other footage was shot.

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Although it is generally recognized that Angels and demons is a better film overall than its predecessor, The Da Vinci Code, the film was not a box office hit. While The Da Vinci Code grossed $758.2 million, the sequel earned just $485.9 million, with Hell comes in third place with $220 million. Although no film in the trilogy was a box office flop, none made a lasting impression on audiences.

When it comes to Tom Hanks movies, Angels and demons is one of the most take-it-or-leave-it films of his career. While the film made Howard and his production team some money, critics considered the film to be a total intellectual flop, claiming that the story is an improbable, fast-paced thrill ride. In other words, a popcorn movie with no depth and a terrible musical score.

There is no argument that the film is filled with many plot holes. For example, how can a Catholic symbologist and Harvard professor who has devoted his life to learning about all things Catholicism never learn a single word of Italian? Or why does the antagonist insist on playing a cat-and-mouse game with Tom Hanks’ character instead of going straight to the plan for revenge?

To be fair, the production team did their best to make the film as realistic as possible, maybe not in terms of the script, but at least for the sets. Realizing that they most likely would not be able to film inside Vatican City, the crew members photographed the city extensively so that they could recreate realistic sets for the film.

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Despite its faults, Angels and demons is still considered a better film than The Da Vinci Codewhich has been accused of being a blur of a film with no real substance.

Total when Angels and demons was released in theaters in 2009, audiences felt as if the film took viewers on a confusing scavenger hunt that made less and less sense with each twist the plot unfolded. This is why people feel indifferent to this disappointing Tom Hanks sequel to The Da Vinci Code which is now streaming on Netflix. It’s a great movie to watch if you’re bored, but if you’re looking for something intellectual to make you think, you might want to skip this one.

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