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Witch Stranding’s review | PC player

Witch Stranding’s review |  PC player

Need to know

What is it? A new beach game that follows in the footsteps of Death Stranding.

Release date July 7, 2022

Developer Strange scaffolding

Publisher Modern wolves

Reviewed on RTX 3080 Ti, Intel i7-8086K, 16 GB RAM

Multiplayer? no

Link Steam page (opens in new tab)

I do not pay much attention to my humble mouse. As a limb I use it every day and would struggle without it, but when was the last time I considered it? Except when I need to charge it, I just let it go on with things. However, Witch Strandings puts the periphery at the center, making the marker the hero and, with few exceptions, the only way you can interact with its doomed world.

Back in 2019, where he discussed what genre Death Stranding went into, Hideo Kojima claimed that it was something new: a beach game. The defining feature of this new genre was to create social connections, which in the case of Death Stranding was done by delivering packages and connecting the different communities of human survivors. A mix of hiking and community games such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.

(Photo credit: Strange Scaffold)

Despite being a short, minimalist game where you play a small ball of light in an attempt to save a forest and its depressed creature from a witch’s curse, Witch Strandings is certainly a sibling of Death Stranding. These depressed creatures, who were once human, need a friend, you see, and that friend to provide food and medicine to cure what is bothering them.

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