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Whiskey Review: Redbreast Lustau Edition

Whiskey Review: Redbreast Lustau Edition

Editor’s note: This whiskey was delivered to us as a review sample by Redbreast. This in no way, per our editorial guidelines, affected the final result of this review. It should also be noted that by clicking on the purchase link at the bottom of this review, our site receives a small referral payment that helps support, but does not affect, our editorial and other costs.

The 1980s were not a great time for whiskey, and one of the most beloved Irish brands was discontinued in a decade. After a thorough renewal, and the use of Midleton Distillery, Redbreast was relaunched in 1991. Following the success of Redbreast 12 Year, the brand began to expand its core range.

In 2016, Redbreast Lustau Edition came on the market. Bodegas Lustau is located within the “Sherry Triangle” in Spain. For 125 years, Lustau has been producing some of the most renowned sherries on the market. It is privileged enough to make wine in all three cities in the triangle— Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

As much as limestone is important to whiskey made in Kentucky, the Sherry Triangle is covered in vast albariza hills. Albariza, or white limestone, is perfect for growing grapes. Redbreast Lustau Edition uses Oloroso sherry barrels from Lustau’s Jerez location. Although the whiskey does not have an age indication, the Lustau Edition is initially aged for nine to twelve years and then finished for another year with Lustau butts.

Oloroso sherry is known for being dry and nutty with rich toffee tones. Lustau offers a wide range of Oloroso flavors. Although Redbreast does not specify which sherry barrels it uses for the Lustau Edition, the quality is impeccable. Compared to other Redbreast whiskeys, I found the Spanish oak’s influence from the sherry casks and butts. With the resurgence of Irish Whiskey, I suggest you find the Redbreast Lustau Edition to compare with other Oloroso-finished Irish whiskeys.

Redbreast Lustau review

Redbreast Lustau (photo via Courtney Kristjana / The Whiskey Wash)

Taste notes: Redbreast Lustau Edition

Vital statistics: 46% ABV. Triple distilled, single pot still Irish whiskey finished on Oloroso sherry cask from Bodegas Lustau. 750 ml $ 99.

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Look: Medium amber with a hint of copper

Nose: The drama begins with an ethereal blend of sweet mint, baby powder and grapes. The oak is prominent throughout the whiskey, while solid stone fruits give it fullness. Apricot and figs are topped with French vanilla. Nutmeg and salted almonds add depth to the whiskey.

Taste: Oak and peppercorns start the drama in a kind of overwhelming way. The whiskey remains very woody all the way, with hints of marzipan and dates. On the breath, the sweetness finally comes through with a little bit of red apple. It reminds me of Fig Newton’s. Overall, the Lustau Edition is nutty.

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